Since the murder, the police have been knocking in the area and for the past 24 hours there have been 180 interrogations.

- But we have received quite a few tips, says Thomas Bergqvist.

He says that at present there is no suspicion of the crime, but that several seizures have been made.

- Exactly what it is about, I do not want to go out with, says Bergqvist.

White car interesting

On Monday, police announced that a burned scooter may have links to the murder. In connection with the incident, a white car must also have moved in the area.

- It should have driven back and forth. We would love to get in touch with that driver or know if anyone from the public has made any observations.

In April, a man was arrested for attempted murder in Skiftinge and in May, a man was beaten, who wanted to leave a gang. If the murder this weekend has links to the events, no police will exclude it.

- But there is no entry value that we work with. If there is a connection, it will turn out, says Thomas Bergqvist.