Xie Xinping: This is the pinnacle of the world-written on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

This is the peak of the world

——Written on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

  ■Xie Xinping


  In 2020, on July 1, the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

  From this day on, the azure blue planet under our feet orbits the sun once again. This world's largest party with more than 90 million party members and long-term governance in a country with a population of 1.4 billion will usher in a century.

  A declaration, like the spring firmly believes in its vitality-

  "2020 is a landmark year. We will build a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve the goal of the first century of struggle."

  A belief, like a planet sticking to its own track-

  "For another 30 years of hard work, by the 100th year since the founding of New China, we will basically realize modernization and build my country into a socialist modernized country."

  On the Tao Fei River, the mountains are full of gas. The surging tide of history has pushed our footsteps.

  The storm thundered and turned upside down. The splendid morning glow of the glorious future calls our footsteps.

  Standing at the historical meeting point of the goal of "two hundred years", we have a magnificent history behind us, and the dawn is before us.

  The wind is turbulent, the tide is turbulent, and there are calm waves and rough waves.

  ——In view of the world situation, the world today is undergoing a major change that has not been seen in a century. The global turbulence and risk points have increased significantly. The international power balance has experienced a new trade-off, coupled with the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. Various uncertainties and instability Dramatic increase.

  ——Inspecting the national conditions, my country is in a critical period for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The situation and environment are changing rapidly, reform, development, and stability are important tasks, contradictions, risks, and challenges are more numerous than ever before.

  ——Looking at the situation of the party, our party is leading the people in a great struggle with many new historical characteristics. The “four tests” and the “four dangers” are more acute and complicated than ever before, and they deal with major challenges, resist major risks, and overcome them. Major resistance and resolution of major contradictions are more urgent than ever.

  The atmosphere is drained across the mountain, and this is the peak of the pillar.

  Staring at 99, feeling 99, it is the largest odd number in two digits, the largest composite number in two digits, or the largest natural number in two digits. However, every journey of this political party, this army, and this country is not only a journey of superimposed annual rings, but also a journey of initial observance and mission extension.

  Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, and under the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, no matter what kind of dark reefs and no matter how big the stormy waves, the Chinese Communist Party can’t stop China from leading China and breaking waves Determination and pace of action.

  The centuries-old party is Fenghua Zhengmao.



  At 11 o'clock on May 27th, eight members of China's 2020 Mount Everest Elevation Survey Mountaineering Team climbed to the "top of the earth". On the top of the highest peak in the world, a bright five-star red flag is displayed in the wind.

  There is no longer road than feet, no higher mountains than people. At this time, the Communist Party of China led the Chinese people and was going through an arduous struggle against epidemic. The defensive battles in Wuhan and Hubei achieved decisive results, and the epidemic prevention and control blockade battles achieved major strategic achievements.

  At this moment, the world is still shrouded in the cloud of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The sudden outbreak became a big test for all mankind.

  Why is China able? Why can't such a big disaster hit China? Can't defeat China?

  The world’s eyes are once again on the East, on the mysterious Chinese power, Chinese spirit, and Chinese efficiency.

  "Efforts to nurture new opportunities in the crisis, to open up new situations in the changing situation." A firm and wise voice was uploaded to the world from China's National Two Congresses in 2020.

  Dare to fight, dare to win; be good at struggle, be good at victory. This is the distinctive political character of the Chinese Communists and the unique style of the Chinese people in the face of difficulties and obstacles.

  "It starts with forgiveness, and always scorns; its work is simple, and it will be huge." More than 2,300 years ago, the Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zi once warned the world that it was not easy at first, but it was even harder after it became bigger. The Chinese Communists feel particularly deeply about this sentence.

  From the sailing of a red boat in the South Lake, to the ride of the "China" giant ship to ride the wind and the waves, there are "Spring and Jingming, the waves are not alarming", there are "Yin Feng Nu, the turbid waves empty", and even a few times to "Qiao Qing" "Dangerous edge". Generations of Chinese Communists have experienced hardships and twists and turns, and have been baptized time and time again in tribulation, and have risen in jeopardy from setbacks.

  The 99-year history of the Communist Party of China connects the past, tells the present, and enlightens the future. According to statistics, from July 1, 1921 to October 1, 1949, more than 21 million revolutionaries died. Among them, only 3.7 million martyrs whose names can be found, and most of them are young and energetic.

  It is tears that moisturize and irrigate the flower of victory! Khan! Also blood!

  Growth is accompanied by suffering, which breeds glory. "Since ancient times, China has not had a group. Like the Communist Party, it has sacrificed everything and how many people have sacrificed to do such a big thing."

  The long river of history is endless, and important barriers are often determined by people's backs. Today, after being tempered by the epidemic situation, the Chinese people have realized more deeply that when the storm hits, the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most important guarantee and the most reliable support, and they more support and trust the Communist Party of China and have more confidence in the Chinese system.

  "Those who can't defeat you will eventually make you stronger!" Our party was born out of internal and external troubles, grew up in hardships and setbacks, and grew stronger in overcoming difficulties.

  "After countless storms and storms, the sea is still there!" This is the true meaning of suffering to our party-

  Implanting ideals and convictions into the soul in a memorable way, stepping down the difficulties and frustrations under the feet with the courage to break through, and raising the beliefs and flags with unprecedented determination, "Decide to not be afraid of sacrifice, eliminate all difficulties, and strive for victory." .


  The majestic Jinggang Mountains.

  In the winter 92 years ago, Luoxiao Mountains. A cold wave that has not been encountered for hundreds of years hit southern China. In front of the little swaying oil lamp in the Octagon Tower, Mao Zedong wrote "The Struggle of Jinggang Mountain".

  Jinggang Mountain is as rough as the sea. From the north foot to the south foot; from the east foot to the west foot... In this esoteric essay, Mao Zedong described the mountains and rivers of this revolutionary cradle with great interest.

  In fact, there is no name "Jinggangshan" in history. It is named after the Chinese Communists.

  Holy Land, this poetic title is actually in a place where there is no road, when there is no way to go, the pioneers of the Communist Party of China with lofty original intentions and missions, rushed out from the pool of blood and the bush.

  "What is the road? It was trampled from where there was no road and opened up from where there were only thorns." The Communist Party of China has gone all the way, there have been troughs, twists and turns, detours, and bypassing long distances, but it is absolutely Do not follow the old road of closed and rigid, and change the evil way of changing the flag.

  For 99 years, our party has united and led the people in fighting foreign aggression, fighting strong enemies, calming waves, fighting floods, preventing SARS, and resisting earthquakes, curing stubborn illnesses, turning crises and adapting to situations. The practice counter-copy confirms a conclusion: the more important struggles and major barriers are, the better the Chinese Communist Party's will to lead the Chinese people to open roads and bridge bridges in water.

  ——After the founding of New China, in the face of the imperialist economic blockade, the world heard the domineering response of this party: "How difficult is it to be afraid of something. Blockade, blockade, all problems in China have been solved for ten or eight years."

  ——The War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, in the face of the threat of war, the world felt the firm will of this party: "The imperialist aggressors should understand: Now that the Chinese people have been organized, it is unacceptable. If it is overturned, it is not easy to handle ."

  ——At the beginning of reform and opening up, difficulties abounded, and the world saw the determination of this political party: “Without a spirit of intrusion, without a spirit of “risk”, without a spirit or strength, a good road cannot be taken. If a new path is not taken, no new career will be done."

  ——A new journey in the new era, the world has witnessed the political party’s ever-turning back: “When the severe situation and the task of struggle are before us, the bones must be hard, dare to attack, and dare to win.”

  "It's unbelievable! No matter how high the peaks or deep canyons, they can't stop them!" Clarkson, a famous British media person, issued this when he was making a live report on the TV show "China's Highway Network" Emotion.

  The world will flourish and its product will surely come into play. Nowadays, in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries, countless people have turned their eyes to this Marxist party. "CCP Studies" has become a "significant study" in overseas studies of China. A large number of papers and works are constantly available.

  A scholar who has long studied the history of the party has profoundly concluded that the Communist Party of China can lead the Chinese people to great success is not accidental, because she has a series of excellent traits: a great ideal pursuit, guided by scientific theory, a mechanism for selecting talents, and strict Discipline and discipline, strong leadership, self-revolutionary spirit, and party member demonstration.

  The pillars of the sea are flowing, and the mountains are majestic looking at the main peak. History shows us that the more severe and complex the situation, the more arduous and arduous the task, the greater the need to be the mainstay of the mainstay and the "mainstay" of the joint revival.


  Beijing Baiwang Mountain.

  This is the remnant of the Taihang Mountain, which once burned the anti-Japanese flames, winding in the North China Plain. From here, you can see Beijing Capital's land.

  Tiananmen Square, 25 kilometers away from the main peak, the National Museum and the Great Hall of the People look left and right-the left is history, the right is reality; the left records the original intentions and dreams, and the right shows innovation and future.

  On November 29, 2012, the new central leading comrades came to the National Museum to visit the "Road to Revival" exhibition. Stopping and staring at the pictures of history, President Xi said with emotion: "Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation since modern times."

  One month later, after recommendation by netizens, expert review, and online voting, "Dream" was rated as the first word in the country in the year.

  Some foreign observers pointedly pointed out that this is "a goal that can resonate in people's hearts" and reflects the "strong sense of historical responsibility of the Communist Party of China".

  Long Chinese dream, looked back several times. In this exhibition, there is such a picture-

  Ragged clothes, barefoot bare arms, stern expression, exhausted, smoky smoke on his face, mud on his feet, no uniform military uniforms, no standard weapons...This is the Red Army soldier who was against the "encirclement and suppression". This is us The spark of the Party and our army's prairie.

  When the Chinese people are quickening their efforts on the Panshan Road to achieve national rejuvenation, we will not forget the once precarious mountains and rivers, the bruised homeland, and the "under the house, under the boat, above the fire" In a dangerous situation, we will not forget the misery of "weakness and poverty, Jiuyuan's turmoil, and a hundred years of land sinking".

  Once upon a time, the realization of dreams required sacrifices and struggles—

  In times of distress, we are born in a desperate situation, unyielding after setbacks, making mistakes anyway after mistakes, and perseverance in the face of tribulation... For the great cause of national rejuvenation, our party has grown and developed in extreme difficulties, highlighted its encirclement in the brink of despair, and resolutely in the face of adversity. Rising up, the achievements that have been made are ancient and modern, and the sacrifices made are rare in the world.

  In the new era, the realization of dreams requires rapid advancement——

  "What we are now in is a time when the boat is in the middle of a hurry, and the people are steeper in the middle of the mountain. It is a time when it is getting harder and harder, more and more dangerous, and it is necessary to retreat without advancing." With a magnificent historical perspective, Chairman Xi profoundly explained China's new orientation and new features in the new era.

  Today, although the Chinese nation welcomes the bright prospects of a great rejuvenation, it also faces unprecedented risks and challenges. If it is not handled well or handled improperly, it will have a major impact and interference on my country's development process.

  The mountain blocks the stone, and the river flows eastwards after all; the plum blossoms still bloom toward the sun after the snow hits.

  Today, "we have never been closer to the center of the world stage, unprecedentedly approached the goal of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and unprecedentedly have the ability and confidence to achieve this goal."

  However, those who travel a hundred miles and a half to ninety, the more they go to a great dream, the more they should have a long-term plan in mind, move towards a set goal, do not abandon walking, and move towards stability.

  Dreaming is not overnight; dreaming is not happening moment by moment.


  Yan'an Pagoda Mountain.

  Under the eaves of history, there seems to be a series of question marks raised by a great man--

  In 1945, at the Seventh National Congress of the Party, Comrade Mao Zedong faced the “great situation” that was about to triumph in the war of resistance, enumerating the “17 difficulties” that the entire party might face, and admonishing the entire party to “take the worst possibility Establish our policy".

  In 1947, the People's Liberation Army was about to switch from a strategic defense to a strategic offensive. However, Comrade Mao Zedong asked the comrades around him a few times, "Dare to dare": "We have been fighting guerrillas in the countryside for a long time. Do we dare to attack large cities? Go in? Do you dare to hold it afterwards? Do you dare to fight regular battles and tough battles?"

  In the history of the Communist Party of China, worries are often the preface to victory and the beginning of victory.

  Foreseeing the risk of revolution, and with the belief of victory, the People's Liberation Army advanced toward the city and Jiangnan with a destructive trend, and achieved a great victory in the war of liberation. It answered Mao's "winning victory" with a thunder that overwhelmed all enemies. Question".

  History is the best sober agent. Our party is a political party born out of sorrow, grown from sorrow, and stronger than sorrow. The more you achieve results, the more prudent you must be, and the more worries you need to be in peace. This is an important experience of our party in governing the country.

  Qingsongxiu Dongling, Hongmei proud wind. In January 2018, during the winter season, President Xi focused on the mission of the Centennial Party during the opening ceremony of the seminar to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Consciousness of hazards and prevention of risk challenges must be consistent with major issues. Among them, it is mentioned that "a major infectious disease like SARS must be kept vigilant and guarded against."

  The global pandemic of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in 2020 has further stirred up the unprecedented changes in the past century, which has caused a shock to the global economic order and international political structure that were already undergoing profound adjustments.

  "It's no exaggeration to imagine a new cold war coming." Such emotions are not groundless. Nowadays, the epidemic is on fire. The heads of politicians in some countries are still staying in the old era of Cold War thinking and zero-sum game. Not only have they made blind blind contributions to China's huge anti-epidemic contribution, but they have successively discredited China, and launched a series of security strategies. And military deployment adjustments.

  Everyone knows the heart of Sima Zhao. Their purpose is to vilify, suppress, and contain China, and even fantasize through threats, intimidation, and blackmail in an attempt to impose an unexpected disaster on the Chinese people. At the same time, individual neighbouring countries are also tempted to take the opportunity to cause trouble.

  Judging from the laws of historical rise and fall, a country is often under the greatest pressure during two periods, one is when it is poor and weak, and the other is when it is developing and revitalizing. Today's China is at a time when it is going from strong to strong and not strong. The resistance and pressure it encounters will only increase, and the risks and challenges it faces will only increase.

  President Xi once said with a loud voice: "The Chinese people do not believe in evil or fear of evil, nor cause trouble or cause trouble. Any foreign country should not expect us to trade with our own core interests, and do not expect us to swallow damage to our sovereignty, security and development interests. Bitter fruit."

  Let the "black swan" not fly, let the "gray rhino" impulsive. The reason for this country and nation is that our party has fully estimated the various risks on the way forward. We must play chess first and fight proactively. We have properly resolved all the predictable and unpredictable developments in our cause. Ability to solve problems.

  "The reason why our cause is great is that we continue to achieve success through hardships that are rare in the world."


  Luojia Mountain in Wuhan.

  In the early spring of 2020, when the epidemic was most severe, the song "Song of the Sun" sung to the party reverberated on the Jianghan Plain--

  "You are the closest to me, you are the closest to me, leading me in the thorns, and driving me in the wind and waves; I love you the deepest, I believe you are the most true, the fog is calling you, and the road is long after you... "

  The more critical it is, the more the relationship between the party and the people will be highlighted and moved.

  The foundation of our party lies in the people, blood in the people, and strength in the people. In the minds of the party, the people are Jiangshan and the biggest support.

  In the fight against epidemic, there is such an unforgettable detail: In late January, when he learned that artificial membrane lung (ECMO) could win valuable time for rescuing critically ill patients with new coronary pneumonia, Chairman Xi instructed, "At all costs, let patients use The best equipment." As a result, about a quarter of ECMO across the country quickly concentrated in Hubei.

  In the fight against poverty, there is such a moving number of figures: Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, more than 2.8 million cadres have gone to the battlefield for poverty alleviation, and 435,000 first secretaries have joined the front line of poverty alleviation.

  There are very few such parties in the world that can truly regard "people first" as their value pursuit. However, for the Communist Party of China, all for the people is a never-fading Chizi feeling, and all relying on the people is a source of strength that will always be invincible.

  In 1949, Acheson, the then US Secretary of State, predicted that China had a large population, and successive governments, including the Kuomintang government, had not solved the problem of Chinese eating, and the Communist regime could not solve this problem. It would inevitably collapse.

  Time is the most objective proof, and facts are the most powerful counterattack. The poverty population in my country has decreased from 98.99 million at the end of 2012 to 5.51 million at the end of 2019. The incidence of poverty has dropped from 10.2% to 0.6%, and the overall regional poverty has been basically resolved. No country can help so many people out of poverty in such a short period of time, and the issue of absolute poverty that has plagued the Chinese nation for thousands of years is about to end historically.

  Poverty alleviation has entered the countdown; the century-long dream will be concentrated in more than 180 days and nights.

  "People's longing for a better life is our goal of struggle" "People are the solid foundation of the Republic, and the people are the greatest strength of our ruling"... Whether it is a historic leap from standing up, getting rich, and becoming strong, or from The great leap from "catch up with the times" to "lead the times", our party is relying on the people to draw a magnificent and magnificent historical picture, and compose a song of earth-shattering and magnificent struggle.

  The reason why the rivers can break through the cliffs and get out of the cliff is because they have accumulated vast and powerful forces that flowed thousands of miles and flowed back. Once the powerful energy contained in the Chinese people erupts, it will inevitably gather unstoppable forces.

  "Although we are facing difficult challenges and thorns, we have the best people in the world." President Xi once said emotionally to King William-Alexander of the Netherlands.

  Climbing high, moving forward, there are mountain beams that must be crossed, and dangerous beaches must be crossed. "As long as we depend on the people closely, there will be no difficulties and obstacles that cannot be overcome, and no grand cause that cannot be achieved."


  Shenzhen Lotus Mountain.

  Here, there is a sculpture called "Self-Improvement": the half-length Hercules brandished a hammerhead, a chisel, split a boulder, and carved itself.

  As a Marxist party with a history of 99 years, why can it always maintain its vigor and vigor from victory to victory? An important reason is that our party has always maintained the political character of courageous self-revolution and strict management of the party.

  The winner is strong, and the winner is strong. "If you don't remove waste materials or absorb fresh blood, the party will not be energetic." The greatness of the Communist Party of China lies in daring to face its own outstanding problems and constantly remove all viruses that erode the party's healthy body.

  From Ruijin's corruption, Yan'an rectification, to carrying out intra-party education, perfecting party rules and party discipline... The greatness of the Communist Party of China is to always maintain the political character of self-revolution, strict control of the party's governance of the party, and always maintain the "catch exam" With the determination and courage to cure the bones by scraping bones again and again, "I will use my own knife".

  "Our party must do a good job in building itself and truly become the most powerful political party in the world." Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has faced the "Four Tests" and "Four Dangers". Relocating the Party strictly and strictly, deepening the new great project of party building, pushing the party from ruling the party to being strict and strict, and profoundly changed the face of the party, the face of the country, the face of the people, the face of the army, the Chinese nation Look.

  This is like a hard fact, which once again refreshed the image of the Communist Party of China: At one time, some people in the West used corruption to talk about my country's political system. Nowadays, such arguments are increasingly losing market in the world. In the twenty-four history, no era has been so powerful in anti-corruption; there is no political party in all countries in the world, and its determination to fight corruption is so strong.

  Hold Yunhe to wash the sky. Over the past few years, the People’s Army has thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping’s thinking on strengthening the military, reinvigorated the political program, and rebuilt the image of style, unswervingly advancing political restructuring, and constantly advancing the rule of law, and thoroughly purged Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou, Fang Fenghui, Zhang Yang's poisonous influence continued to purify the army's political ecology, and the soldiers established a good appearance of the "four existence", and the army forged a good image of the "four irons."

  "The army is armed with guns, and there must be no place for corrupt elements to hide in the army." The Party Central Committee and Chairman Xi insisted on comprehensively and rigorously governing the party and the army, eliminating major political hidden dangers for the party and the army. Settling down, turning the tide and saving the army.

  In the past, for example, died yesterday; in the future, for example, born today. A revolution that profoundly changes the destiny and direction of the country is never an idyllic pastoral song, but an extremely difficult battle.

  Marx once pointed out that if the struggle was carried out under the condition of a very smooth chance of success, it would be too easy to create world history.

  The greater the struggle that a political party is engaged in, the greater the cause it is engaged in, and the greater the dream it has, the higher the demand for self-revolution, and the more it must be governed by the party.

  Comprehensive and strict governance of the party is always on the way. As long as we carry forward the spirit of carrying out the revolution to the end, opening new ground to the great social revolution, strengthening our body to the great self-revolution, and constantly enhancing the party’s self-purification, self-improvement, self-renovation, and self-improvement capabilities, we will certainly be able to "Strengthen the ground", and maintain vigorous vitality and strong fighting power forever.


  Zunyi Red Army Mountain.

  On June 16, 2015, when President Xi visited Zunyi, he stopped and sighed before the relief of "Breaking through the Wujiang Heavenly Danger": "It would be dangerous if I couldn't get through..."

  "Can you pass?" This seems to be a huge metaphor. Xiongguan Mandao, mountain heavy water complex. The road taken by the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of the People's Army is exactly like the poem quoted by Chairman Xi in "Zhijiang New Language": "One mountain let one mountain pass".

  "Whoever writes a long-term insurance? When I look back, I see a pill of mud!" Along with a series of profound changes in the international and domestic situation, the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Army led to a new crossroads.

  At this intersection, "the chaotic flowers gradually want to attract charming eyes"; at this intersection, "the past is a bit terrible." China is going through barriers and barriers like never before, and it is facing unprecedented security pressure and risk challenges.

  In the current crisis, the power of a country is also tested, as is the capability of an army.

  A team triumphs, a team goes out. During the anti-epidemic period, two pieces of news about the Chinese military caused widespread concern: On April 16, with the approval of Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, the military support Hubei medical team successfully completed the task retreat; on April 13, a spokesman for the navy news introduced, according to According to the annual plan, the Chinese Navy’s Liaoning ship carrier formation has recently sailed through the Miyako Strait and Bus Strait to conduct training in the relevant waters of the South China Sea.

  These are two "front line reports" from different battlefields-

  On the front line of fighting the epidemic, more than 4,000 military medical personnel bravely shouldered the heavy burden and did not humiliate the mission, and resolutely defended the lives and health of the people.

  On the front line of preparing for war, the generals of the army are ready to fight, without fear of the wind and waves, standing up to the tide and always defending the security of the motherland and the peaceful life of the people.

  Earlier on the eve of the founding of New China, during the design of the Chinese People's Liberation Army's military flag, Mao Zedong listened to the report and instructed that the military flag should have a five-pointed star, symbolizing the party's absolute leadership over the army.

  Every army must have a flag, and every flag must have a soul. "People's Army Party builds, grows and strengthens Party training." On the road of rejuvenation, wherever the party flag points, the military flag is inserted, and victory is born. The People's Army used the heroic feats of advancing and succeeding to add a vivid footnote to the era of "listening to the party's command, being able to win the battle, and having a good working style."

  The party created this army, and the party is constantly shaping this army. National defense and military reform is a remodeling and rebuilding of the people's army to achieve the goal of strengthening the military and to the world's first class.

  In this unprecedented holistic and revolutionary transformation, the People's Army has achieved a reshaping of the political ecology, a reshaping of the organizational form, a reshaping of the power system, a reshaping of the style image, a new system and structure, a new development pattern, and a new look of the army.

  "Every country is as important as its soldiers." History has proved that without a strong army commensurate with my country's international status and compatible with national security and development interests, there is no support for national rejuvenation and there is no guarantee of people's happiness.

  The sea is flowing, and the hero's character is displayed; the storm is turbulent, but the majestic power is seen. A strong army is the standard of a strong country, and a strong country is the foundation of a strong army. Facing an uncertain world, we can only deal with our own certainty.

  The victory or defeat of war may only happen overnight, but the force that decides the victory or defeat is accumulated over time.

  Faced with the sacred mission of "four strategic supports", we must answer the "question of victory", "question of value" and "question of skill", and keep the arrow on the line, and the high alert situation that is waiting to be launched. Staying strong and fighting will win, "like a reef standing before the huge waves that are constantly beating, it will not move, taming the rage of the waves around it."

  This is not only the strategic requirement for supporting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but also the whole value of our army.

  In the war years, the army must go through the flames; when the years are quiet, the army must carry the burden.


  The mountain, piercing Qingtian E is not broken. Heaven wants to fall, depending on it.

  In 1999, glorious suffering gave the mountains a magnificent image. In 1999, the hot wind blew the rain, giving the peak of magnificent soul.

  In the new year of 2020, President Xi wrote back to the officers and men of the "Six Bronze Company", encouraging them to bear in mind the goals of the strong army, inherit the red gene, practice hard to win skills, carry forward the "hard bone spirit", and build the company even stronger.

  The "hard bone spirit" is the red gene passed down from generation to generation of the People's Army and the character and style of the political party that created this army.

  The party leads the Chinese people to open up the earth, relying on the iron bones; the party leading the people's army is invincible, relying on the iron bones; the party leads China in the new era to overcome all difficulties and obstacles, relying on the iron bones.

  Thousands of rivers and mountains, the most beautiful road in China. In the new era, in a great struggle with many new historical characteristics led by the Chinese Communist Party, the world has witnessed a capitalized China: her heroic people, upward spirit, vigorous vitality, her vigilance, The more frustrated, the more courageous, Yuru Yucheng.

  Sunrise at the east, knocking on the sky; at the age of nine or nine, overlooking the century.

  "Our understanding of time is based on centuries and millennia." 99 years may be very long for a person; but for a political party that is determined to start a great career, it is "like the dawn of the sun, like the germination of Baihui". teenage-hood.

  "The next 70 years, the key is the next 30 years. This is exactly the time when we will achieve the goal of "two hundred years". As long as we maintain a firm ideal and conviction and a strong revolutionary will, we will be able to pass all of them. Trap, what chase and stop, what blockade line, leave them all behind!"

  "Dapeng has risen in the same day, and it has skyrocketed to 90,000 miles." According to the strategic paintings of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in 2020, 2035, and the middle of this century, the cause of the strong army and the great cause of rejuvenation will be deployed simultaneously and promoted as one. Every time node has an extraordinary meaning to the People's Army, and it is a major coordinate that guides us to make relays and create history. It is also a road map that inspires us to strengthen the country and build a world-class army.

  "Historical roads are not all calm, and sometimes they come to a realm of hardships and obstacles. This can only be achieved by virtue of a strong spirit."

  On the magnificent journey of the new era, as long as we strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidences", and implement the "two maintenances", implement the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission, we will resolutely obey the Party Central Committee, Under the command of the Central Military Commission and Chairman Xi, we will be able to clear all obstacles on the way forward, daring to climb hard and bravely, and reach the glorious peak!