There will be a break for pole vault Wilma Murro during the end-of-knee endoscopic surgery and recovery from it.

The fraction will go to surgery on Wednesday in Helsinki, and the knee will be operated by Orthopedist Ilkka Räsänen.

Murto's surgery was confirmed at the Sports Association's media invitation, as Murto and Räsänen will be available on Wednesday after the surgery.

Murto opened his season strongly in June and rushed to the Finnish record of 471 on Midsummer Eve in Somero.

The fraction surpassed the season’s top score of 460 and made promising attempts at a record high of 472.

- It will be a headache if the Finnish record does not go away this summer, Murto summed up his mood at that time.

Murron was scheduled to compete last Saturday in Espoo, but he withdrew from the race.