Rap star and businessman Dr. Dren’s 24-year marriage has come to an end.

According to Fox News, Nicole Young, 50, has filed for divorce from her husband, Dr. Dresta, best known as Andre Young, 55.

The duo married in May 1996 and have two adult children, Truice, 23, and Truly, 19.

According to Fox, the couple does not have a marriage, so the division of family property can become a complicated process. Young is assisted in the divorce process by Samantha Spector, a divorce attorney favored by public figures.

Six-time Grammy winner Dr. Dre is one of the world’s wealthiest rappers, with as many as 800,000 million in assets. Forbes listed him as the second richest hip hop star in 2019.

In 2014, Dren’s popular headphone and audio technology company Beats by Dre was sold to Apple for $ 3 billion, making the rapper the first billionaire in hip hop music.

The Beats headphones made the rapper a billionaire.

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Dr. Dre is an American music mogul and one of the biggest influencers of rap music, who became known in the 1980s as a member of the band NWA and moved on to a successful solo career in the early 1990s.

Founded in 1986, the NWA hip-hop group is one of the most significant rap pioneers, and the band sold tens of millions of records worldwide in the 1980s and 1990s. One of the band’s best-known songs, which released five albums, was Straight Outta Compton, from which the film is also named.

In addition to Dr.Dren, the group's original members included DJ Yella, Ice Cube, the Arabian Prince, and Eazy-E, who died in 1995. MC Ren joined the group in 1988.