The price tag for the resignation of a Tampere-based business executive from his ex-wife rises to as much as one million euros when he loses the division dispute and has to pay a substantial dividend.

Disagreements tend to be more brutal the larger the assets in question. When the property is not confusing the heads of the couples, the divorce papers are arranged even faster.

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With nearly 30 years of experience, a Lahti lawyer who handles divorce in his profession, Tea Hagstedt, knows that differences are often cruel and disputes are made for reasons of principle.

- When love crumbles and trust between spouses goes, there is a difference ahead and money returns.

"The divorce process could take years and hundreds of thousands of euros in assets will be lost in the dispute," says Hagstedt.

Hagstedt tells of a case in which a couple who spent an outside prosperous life on the income of a household boss divorced. The division of the property was to be taken care of as soon as the valuable design house had been sold. For a wife who lived as a housewife, the difference was a severe blow.

For sale occurred at the moment when housing prices began to fall and over half a million estimated 'prices to the house found a buyer, even if the appellant was changed every few months.

- A liquidator was needed and it took almost 4-5 years for the house to change owners.

- The precious stone castle had to be sold well below the catch price and there was little left for either spouse. The wife had to leave the corners of her relatives as a result of the separation.

Divorces for young couples are usually handled fairly quickly, but once the union has lasted 20 to 30 years, it may take years before everything is finally settled.


 The precious stone castle had to be sold well below the catch price and there was little left for either spouse. The wife had to leave the corners of her relatives as a result of the separation.

According to Hagstedt, the toughest quarrels are couples between the ages of 40 and 50. When they once walked to the altar, no one could have believed that the last great meeting was in the law house.

- In long-ended alliances, the parties often dig into ancient stuff involving bitterness and revenge. However, the most important thing in disputes seems to be money.

- The other spouse may prolong the proceedings, and the financial impact of the divorce will only increase.

- It is not uncommon for spouses to be left in debt after a long divorce process, Hagstedt says.

Property covered by matrimonial law is property acquired before marriage and during the union. Each spouse receives half of the matrimonial property when the union is dissolved due to divorce or the death of the other spouse.

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Many violent divorces would have been avoided if couples had taken care of their affairs by making a marriage contract. Under a divorce clause, the spouses can agree on the division of their property at the end of the union. A marriage condition may deviate from the division of property defined by the Marriage Act.

According to Hagstedt, many still consider a marriage to be a vote of no confidence, but today the marriage has become more common.

In divorce situations, the other spouse may try to black out their assets. Some manage to open a bank account in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands, but they are not available to the regular bunny.

- Behind bank secrecy, it is difficult to get things dug up and I have never come across them.

- Blackmailing funds in the event of a divorce could be fraud or even aggravated fraud and a criminal case.

In the case of a Tampere-based business manager, it was a matter of paying a balance to a spouse in a divorce. If the spouses have the right to marry all the property of the other spouse, the division shall add up the assets of the spouses and divide them equally between the spouses.

The spouse with more chips will have to pay a tie to the spouse who owns less so that each has the same number of chips.

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