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Over 10 million cases and 500,000 deaths. Far from being over, the Covid-19 pandemic is even "accelerating", warned the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday. The director general of the organization called for global solidarity and respect for strategies to fight the virus.

“We all want it all to end. We all want to take back our lives. But the harsh reality is that it is far from over, ”warned WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus during a virtual press conference. The pandemic is "accelerating" now, he said, especially in the United States and China, even adding that in the face of a "divided world" and "a lack of national unity and global solidarity (… ) The worse is yet to come ".

"Test, trace, isolate"

WHO will send a team "next week" to China to determine the origin of the new coronavirus. "We hope this will help us understand how the virus started and what we can do in the future to prepare for it," said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He called on governments and citizens to put in place "simple solutions" in order to "save lives now": "test, trace, isolate, and quarantine cases".

According to a count made by AFP from official sources, but that experts believe largely underestimated, 502,599 deaths and 10,208,540 cases were officially listed on Monday. The number of deaths recorded worldwide has doubled in just under two months (250,000 on May 5) and an additional 50,000 deaths have been recorded in the last 10 days.

Europe is the continent with the most deaths (196,428 for 2,660,794 cases), followed by the United States / Canada zone (134,538, 2,667,981), Latin America and the Caribbean (112,321, 2,491. 030), Asia (33,689, 1,251,153), the Middle East (15,819, 743,172), Africa (9,671, 385,166) and Oceania (133, 9,244).


Coronavirus: WHO sends team to China to determine source of epidemic


The world has entered a “dangerous phase” warns the WHO

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