U.S. motorway owner Mike Fulp offered for sale a “Bubba rope” on a Facebook marketplace.

The Washington Post says the offer became public just days after a hanging loop was found on the premises of NASCAR’s only dark-skinned driver’s Bubba Wallace stable.

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- Buy a Bubba rope today for only $ 9.99 a piece. The ropes come with a lifetime Warranty and work well, Fulp wrote according to the Washington Post. The offer posted in the second week has been removed.

Fulp owns a freeway called 311 Speedway in North Carolina. With the owner’s sales text, the track has already lost two races to be held, as well as all but two of its sponsors.

Last Saturday, the track also canceled an event advertised as America We Stand, which, according to Fulp, would have sold, for example, American Confederation tickets and tickets and caps supporting President Donald Trump.

Fulp tried to change the name of the event to Heritage Night, from tradition, but the negative attention had already come too much.

- I am responsible for the fact that I tried to joke, but the world is now angry as hell, commented Fulp lost sponsors Greensboro News & Record for The Post, the.

According to Fulp, he is not a racist. In the United States, there is a company called Bubbaropes that makes winch cables. According to Fulp, his critics “took the joke and changed it to skin color”.

In addition to the critic, Fulp has also been directly angry.

- I've got a full week of death threats. People called and left messages threatening me, my mother, and my grandchild. My girlfriend was threatened and my employees were harassed. Seven employees took over the resters, Fulp said to himself.

The FBI investigated taking the hanging loop to the Wallace stable premises as a hate crime, but found no evidence of a suspected racist crime. According to an FBI investigation, the rope had been in the stables since October.

However, the incident sparked a debate in the United States about racism in the world of NASCAR, as the timing of the incident coincided with some of the fiercest Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

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