In the recent corona statistics of the European Center for Disease Control, Sweden is still highlighted both globally and at European level. In fact, in the European picture, Sweden is the only country with several counties glowing dark red, saying that more than 120 cases of corona have been detected in the regions in the last couple of weeks per 100,000 inhabitants.

For example, in Finland, in the “worst areas”, infections have been confirmed in less than 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Statistics also reveal that the Swedish corona problem extends beyond the Stockholm and Jällivaara regions.

Stockholm was at the center of the epidemic, especially in the spring. However, during Midsummer week, week 25, 1,935 new cases were diagnosed in the Stockholm area. In weeks 22–24, the number of new infections was 1,200.

According to the Stockholm Region press release, 22-25. by June, 1567 new infections had been recorded. Statistics on weekly infections by public health authorities are always compiled on Thursdays.

People enjoying the heat in Stockholm last week.

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Recently, attention has been focused especially on Jällivaara in Norrbotten County, where an epidemic that erupted around Midsummer has led to hundreds of new infections in a small municipality.

According to statistics from the public health authorities, 180 new infections were recorded in Norrbotten in week 24 and a total of 255 new infections in week 25. Previously, the number of weekly infections had remained below 100.

However, red glows, for example, Jämtland County and Gävleborg County north of Stockholm. The highest number of infections in Jämtland has been detected in the municipality of Bräcke, although Mayor Bengt Flykt assured SVT last week that all precautions had been taken.

- If even the British Prime Minister fails to protect, what is to be expected that one municipality in the interior of Norland could do?

In the municipality of more than 6,000 inhabitants, 85 infections have been diagnosed.

One reason for the corona situation in the municipality is that the virus has been allowed to spread in nursing homes. According to SVT, 11 residents of nursing homes have died of coronavirus disease in the municipality.

The corona epidemic in Sweden is not over yet. Pictured is a power department nurse wearing protective gear.

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In Gävleborg, on the other hand, about 30 new infections were detected after the student party, Expressen reported on 18 June. According to Hela Hälsingland, the infections are believed to have spread through a kind of food play.

Christian Ehrenborg, an infectious disease doctor in Gävleborg, did not confirm the information about the food play, but confirmed the infections found among the students.

- We have seen an infection group among students and their loved ones related to the student party outdoors. Only this I can say, Ehrenborg told SVT.

- This cluster of infections is an indication that we are no longer able to keep the same distances as before.

The counties of Västra Götaland, Jönköping and Östergötland also glow red in southern Sweden.

The crowd gathered to show solidarity with the U.S. Black Lives Matter in Gothenburg in early June.

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At the beginning of June, the situation in Västra Götaland was particularly worrying, with a large increase in new coronary infections. In an interview with Dagens Nyheter, the area’s infectious disease doctor Peter Ulleryd considered it possible that one reason for the increase in infections is that people are tired of doing telework and keeping a social distance.

“How people avoid crowding in their daily lives, keep their distance, wash their hands and avoid infecting others has a direct impact on how many die in the future,” Ulleryd said, warning of the dangers of covid-19 disease.

According to the Swedish public health authorities, more than 7,000 new infections were both diagnosed in weeks 24 and 25. The proportion of serious cases of the disease is still declining, which, according to the authorities, suggests that the spread of the disease has decreased since its peak in March-April.

Positive infections last week accounted for 12 percent of all those tested. Of the more than 7,400 new infections, more than 1,200 were serious.

Sweden's interest rate strategy has largely relied on guidelines not regulations.

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However, public health authorities have warned that summer and tourism could increase infections and the need for treatment, Swedish radio says.

“In the authorities’ “worst case scenario”, we should take action outside our current plan and it could affect the prioritization of other care and employee holidays, but we hope we don’t end up with that, ”said Hallus Hospital Chief Medical Officer Markus Lingman.

Cathrine Malmqvist, director of nursing at Gotland, was also concerned that the need for care would increase further in a popular tourist destination. He called for everyone's responsibility in curbing the spread of the virus.

- I am worried. This prediction may come true, but much will depend on how the recommendations of public health authorities are followed. It decides how many patients come to us.

Authorities fear that summer will not curb the spread of the corona.

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