After a call to the police announcing an armed individual near the 4 Temps shopping center in La Défense, the business district was cordoned off Tuesday morning. 4 Temps customers are confined to the interior of the store, and office workers are confined to their workplace. Checks are in progress.

The La Défense business district in Paris was cordoned off Tuesday morning after a call to the police announcing an armed man in this important commercial and office district, we learned from concordant sources. According to the Paris police headquarters, "a man called 17 to report having spotted an armed individual near the 4 Temps shopping center in La Défense". "Verifications are underway," said the prefecture.

4-stroke customers "confined inside" the shopping center

Police were carrying out a "removal of doubt" on the entire slab of Defense. On Twitter the prefecture "advises people in the area not to move around and to follow the instructions of the authorities".

The first business district in Europe was therefore stopped around 11am on Tuesday. The 4 Times shopping center was cordoned off and the customers who were there "are confined inside," said the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture. La Défense train station "is being evacuated," RATP said on Twitter. Several employees of the immense towers in the district explained that they were confined to their workplace.

Located in four Hauts-de-Seine municipalities - Courbevoie, Puteaux, La Garenne-Colombes, Nanterre -, the La Défense skyscrapers represent the leading business district in Europe in terms of office property. At the gates of Paris, the district has 200,000 employees.