In the world of tennis, cockfighting just keeps going. This time on social media, the legendary German ex-player Boris Becker and the evil boy of modern tennis, Nick Kyrgios, have come together.

The whole turmoil began when a group of tennis stars took part in a charity tour organized by world-top player Novak Djokovic in Eastern Europe.

The tour eventually turned out to be quite a viral spin, and 33-year-old Djokovic himself also contracted the coronavirus.

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The Adria Tour, organized by Novak Djokovic, ended in a scandal when several players were diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.

Image: PPI / Zuma / MVPhotos

The players who took part in Djokovic’s tour should, of course, have quarantined themselves when it emerged that some of the players had become infected.

Despite this, German Alexander Zverev, 23, was filmed celebrating in a video filmed by fashion mogul Philipp Plein amid a large crowd in France.

Australian Kyrgios, 25, then gave Zvereville a full fledged.

- Oh God! Spend a couple of weeks with your girlfriend. The world of tennis really infuriates me. How selfish are you all? Kyrgios opened up.

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So Boris Becker put his spoon in the soup. Becker, 52, is a six-time Grand Slam winner who has worked as a coach for Djokovic and the German Tennis Association, among other things.

Becker did not tolerate Kyrgios giving public feedback to Zvereville, who violated the quarantine regulations.

- I don't like rats! No one who barks with his athletes is my friend, Becker wrote and rebuked Kyrgius for thinking he was better than the others.

Of course, Kyrgios did not remain speechless.

- For God's sake, Boris. I’m not trying to be better or throw anyone under the bus. This is a global pandemic, and if someone is as idiot as Alex (Alexander Zverev), I will let him know. Simple, Kyrgios replied.

Becker also argued that players should not talk about their mutual affairs in public. According to Becker, Kyrgios did wrong in criticizing Zverev specifically on social media.

- There is a quiet understanding between athletes. Whatever happens on the playing field or in the locker rooms stays there, Becker guided.

This Becker instruction also received a confused reception from Twitter followers.

- Zverev wasn't on the field! And not even in the locker room. He celebrated with a large crowd when he should have been quarantined, and endangered people’s lives, site followers try to remind Becker on Twitter.