Scolding Merkel for being stupid, annoying Macron's preaching, and wanting Putin to respect, CNN exposed the real Trump on the phone!

  [Global Network Reporter Liu Yang] Trump was again hit by the media by "exposing inside information". The shot was made by CNN.

  On June 29th, local time, CNN posted an article on the headline titled "From Catering to Putin, Bullying Allies to Ignoring Your Advisors, Trump's Phone Calls Alert U.S. Officials" (pictured below), exposing Trump " Inside the "Phone Diplomacy", there are a lot of amazing content, such as "He often attacks key allied leaders, especially female leaders", who once called the German Chancellor Merkel and the former British Prime Minister Theresa May on the phone as " "Fool" is "stupid", and he can't stand French President Macron's "teaching" to him. When calling Putin, he always shows off his achievements, as if he wants to get some recognition from the other party, and he calls the White House the most. The foreign leader is Turkish President Erdogan. He made at least two phone calls a week, and Trump always showed "ignorance" of historical issues in the Middle East when talking to him.

Data graph: US President Trump.

  CNN said that the writing process of this report is protracted, and many US White House and intelligence system officials have become the source of this manuscript, but in order to protect them, the identity and name of the source are not disclosed. CNN's phone insider mention of the Trump allied leaders mentioned in the report also interviewed the country's embassy in the United States. The article concluded that in the eyes of many US officials (especially the former National Security Assistant Bolton, former Secretary of State Tillerson and others fired by Trump), Trump himself has posed a threat to US national security. Another source said that if the members of the US Congress can listen to the phone calls of Trump and foreign leaders, even senior Republican lawmakers can no longer have confidence in the president.

  The original CNN text is quite long, and this article selects a few examples to extract as follows:

Attack Merkel and Theresa May:

Profile: Former British Prime Minister Theresa May.

  Theresa May served as the British Prime Minister from 2016 to 2019. Trump's phone call with her was described by the source as "full of humiliation and bullying." The source said that Trump described her handling of Brexit, NATO and refugee issues as "like a fool." He was always annoyed by Teresa May on the phone and disgusted in words. And May's reaction is that it will become particularly nervous and panic.

  Merkel is different.

Data map: German Chancellor Angela Merkel. China News Service reporter Peng Dawei

  The source said that what Trump said to Merkel on the phone was “unbelievable”, “He directly accused her of being “stupid”, derogating her from being put into the pocket by Russia. Who do he think If he is weak, he will be particularly tough on the phone." German officials also confirmed that Trump not only did not respect Merkel on the phone, but when Merkel visited the White House two years ago, Trump also did not respect her in behavior and behaved "very rude". But Merkel's reaction is very different from Theresa May's. She is very calm, and she can't see anything on the surface. She treats Trump's rude words as whispers.

Data map: Russian President Putin.

Respect for Putin:

  The source said that Trump and Putin on the phone felt like two men chatting in the sauna. Trump always likes to talk to Putin about himself. He always likes to use exaggerated words, such as how he made the US economy win "unprecedented success", bragging about how smarter and stronger he is than the previous president (especially Obama). It is clear that he hopes to receive Putin's appreciation and affirmation. And Putin talking to him on the phone felt like a chess master talking with amateurs. The source also said that Trump "sitting there seems to be thinking about how to make Putin understand that he is a strong businessman and a tough guy so that Putin can respect him."

Data Map: On November 13, 2019 local time, US President Trump and Turkish President Erdogan met at the White House. China News Agency reporter Chen Meng

Erdogan calls the most diligently:

  The source said that among the foreign leaders who called the White House to find Trump, Erdogan was the most diligent. He plays at least twice a week. In the dialogue between the two, Trump often exposed the ignorance of the Syrian conflict and the overall Middle East issue, and from time to time he showed his cowardice. On some difficult issues in Turkish-American relations, Trump will also blame Erdogan.

Data map: French President Macron. China News Service reporter Li Yangshe

Macron always wanted to persuade:

  The source said that in addition to Erdogan, the most talked with Trump is French President Macron. But Trump did not like him either. The French president always wants to persuade Trump on many issues, such as the United States should not withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, saying that the United States should cooperate with the world on climate issues, and so on. On substantive issues, Macron's persuasion is basically "invalid." Trump is getting more and more annoyed with him, and feels that he always has a bunch of demands and is always preaching.

The picture shows the Australian Prime Minister Morrison

  CNN said that sources described Trump’s dialogue with the above leaders (in addition to Putin), including Australian Prime Minister Morrison, as if he was facing some US governors, “has hostility and offense Sex".

  CNN took the inside information disclosed by these sources to the White House. The White House’s response was, “President Trump is a world-class negotiator and has been committed to expanding the interests of the United States on the world stage. On issues such as Sino-US economic and trade negotiations, requiring NATO allies to contribute more, and defeating the Islamic State, the President has Demonstrated his ability to advance US strategic interests."

  At the moment of the fire's G7 summit, Bolton next to Trump is now an "enemy."

  At the end of the article, CNN quoted a source to summarize Trump's "telephone diplomacy." "You can't hear the meaning of the American team from these conversations, nor do you feel that the United States is a historic force, has firm domestic principles, and is the leader of the free world. On the contrary, these have disappeared and the United States is gone, (On Trump's phone) "Only me"".