Former Miss Finland, current presenter and sometime star Sara Sieppi, 29, speaks openly on Instagram about the pressures caused by social media. He knows that social media glosses are often far from reality.

- I rarely feel any pressure from the some, because I understand that life there is sometimes quite cheated. Life can be really different from what it looks like there. The pictures are being edited and it sounds pretty crazy. That’s why I can’t feel the pressure from it, Sieppi describes in the Stories section of Instagram.

However, Sieppi admits in the video while lying in bed that in the mornings he feels the pressure to be doing things early, as so many others seem to be doing on a Finnish basis.

- I'm not a morning person, and then I see people who have already gone for a morning run and swim. They have a good feeling, and I only wake up myself and wonder if I should have a monk, even if it rains there first.

- That it's OK between having a biscuit cup and a couple of biscuits until you find it empty? I think it’s sometimes allowed, but at the same time, I’m under pressure to be somewhere else, Miss Beauty reflects.

Sieppi works on social media, so some is a seamless part of her daily life. He has published nearly 2,500 updates on Instagram. In addition to great pictures, she has also opened up her usual everyday life, when, for example, in a video shot on Monday, she presented an uncleaned wardrobe.

- Here it is now is. Gorgeous, Sieppi described the view of the walk-in closet, where a large pile of clothes lay on the floor.

Originally from Tornio, Sara Siep has had a career in publicity for almost ten years. She only made the headlines at the age of 19 from the Miss Finland competition. Today, Sieppi is better known as a social media influencer with over 184,000 followers.

Sieppi recently celebrated his 29th birthday. In honor of the birthday, organized a lavish “home party”.

Finnish stars were responsible for the program of the party. Siep's birthdays were called “festarit” in Some, as the evening's line of performers was long. Petra, Pikku G, Etta, Janna and Sini Sabotage, among others, took the stage.

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