It was on March 30 that police were alerted to a school in Kortdala. A 12-year-old boy had been cut in the throat, and taken to hospital with serious injuries. Another boy, 13 years old, was arrested shortly afterwards in his home.

Prosecution excluded - but not the evidence

Since the suspect is a minor, it has been ruled out that the investigation could lead to a prosecution. However, the fact that the suspect has denied the crime has led to the suspects now being tried in court through a so-called evidence charge.

- I would not have brought a probation for murder if he had told straight away and acknowledged everything. Then there was no reason for that. Now it is important for everyone involved to have the court determine what happened, prosecutor Mats Ihlbom has previously told GP.

Primarily classified as murder

According to the request for evidence submitted to the district court, the Social Committee in eastern Gothenburg must have made a request for a trial in court. This when "examination has been assessed is required from a general point of view". The crime suspicions against the 13-year-old to be tried apply primarily to murder, and, in the second place, extremely serious abuse and gross negligence to the death of another.