Vatican City (AFP)

Pope Francis announced Tuesday the appointment of an extraordinary commissioner to bring order to the Fabrique de Saint-Pierre, an institution responsible for the conservation of artistic and architectural works of Saint Peter's Basilica.

This decision comes after an internal report which led the Vatican justice to seize documents and computers in the offices of the Factory of Saint-Pierre, specifies a press release of the Holy See published Tuesday.

On June 1, the Holy See had adopted a new law governing tenders for its internal expenses, an unprecedented measure intended to prevent corruption and save money in the midst of the financial crisis linked to the pandemic.

It is within this framework that Pope Francis appointed an apostolic nuncio (ambassador of the Holy See), Mgr Mario Giordana, to the post of extraordinary commissioner.

He will be responsible for "updating the statutes, clarifying the administration and reorganizing the administrative and technical offices of the Factory", specifies the text of the Holy See. He will also be assisted by a committee to carry out this "delicate task".

The discreet Fabrique de Saint-Pierre, today made up of a small army of specialized workers, was created in the 16th century, after the construction of the new Saint-Pierre basilica, for which Bramante, Michelangelo were asked. or Raphaël.

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