Police have seized 96 kilos of amphetamine in an international preliminary investigation, which is suspected of being on its way from the Netherlands to Finland, the Central Criminal Police informs.

The seizure was made in the municipality of Nieuweschans near the German border in early March this year. Authorities stopped the car carrying the drugs and arrested the people in the car.

A considerable amount of ammunition ended up in the hands of the police.

Photo: KRP

The preliminary investigation carried out in Finland is part of the Dutch authorities' extensive Vidar operation, which investigated the import of amphetamine by the criminal organization Helvet's angels into Great Britain and Finland, among others.

In the Netherlands, a number of people are suspected of crimes, some of whom belong to the hellish angel or Red Devils criminal organizations.

Dutch police found a total of 86 pounds of amphetamine in the vehicle.

Photo: Dutch police

During the arrests and seizures by the Dutch authorities, the police seized 86 kilos of amphetamine from a vehicle suspected of coming to Finland. Later, another ten pounds of amphetamine was found in stock.

After the seizure, the authorities replaced the amphetamine with another substance. In the video above, the suspect is receiving packages of a passenger car he presumed to be drugs in Vantaa in March.

In addition, the police seized a telephone with the information of a suspected drug recipient in Finland.

The head of the investigation, Commissioner Kimmo Sainio, says in a press release from the Central Criminal Police that the Finnish full member of the Hell's Angels, born in 1976, and his suspected accomplice, born in 1984, are suspected of receiving drugs.

Police confiscated a significant number of firearms and parts of firearms, such as the Baikal shotgun pictured.

Photo: KRP

In connection with the arrests, nine kilograms of hashish, 38 kilograms of explosives and a considerable number of firearms, firearm parts and ammunition were seized.

The men are suspected of two felony drug offenses, an explosive offense and a felony firearms offense.

In connection with the arrests, nine kilograms of hashish were seized.

Photo: KRP

A third person was also arrested in Finland, who, according to the authorities, is a full member of the hellish angels in Finland. The man, who was born in 1971, is suspected of aggravated money laundering and aggravated drug offense.

This person was handed over to the Dutch authorities and will be prosecuted in the Netherlands. With regard to the other two suspects, the preliminary investigation will be transferred to the prosecution area of ​​Southern Finland in the first week of July.