Nishimura Economic Revitalization Minister, "Prevention of Secondary Infection"

Regarding the confirmation of new cases of new coronavirus infections centering on Tokyo, Nishimura's minister in charge of economic revitalization told a news conference, He indicated that he would do his best to prevent the infection from spreading to public facilities.

The number of new people infected with the new coronavirus was 54 in Tokyo on the 30th, exceeding 50 on the 5th consecutive day, and 31 people were confirmed mainly in the host club employees in Kanagawa prefecture.

In response to this, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura said at a press conference, ``We have heard from experts that the situation is not such that we will immediately issue an emergency declaration, but the number of new infections is still high, I would like to keep a close eye on them and respond accordingly."

In addition, “Anyway, prevention of secondary infections is the most important thing. If you infect customers, families, and the elderly from the night city, you will infect people at high risk. Elderly facilities and hospital infections I want to do my best not to lead to this."

Regarding the way events should be held after August, Minister Nishimura does not ask for a cancellation fee so that people who are in poor physical condition do not come forcibly, and manages rosters and contact confirmation to respond promptly in the event of an infection. He showed the idea of ​​considering introducing an application.