Andrzej Duda won the presidential election, but not by an absolute majority. The Polish presidency will now be decided in a runoff election between him and his challenger Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw. As early as April, Duda's re-election in the first ballot seemed certain. Even the runoff election could end in defeat for him. Pia Rauschenberger spoke to Ulrich Krökel about the election campaigns and positions of Duda and his liberal challenger Trzaskowski.

From July 1, the Israeli government has the option of annexing parts of the West Bank under the coalition agreement. The measure is based on US President Donald Trump's Middle East plan and has been criticized by the United Nations. UN Secretary General António Guterres recently asked Israel to abandon the plans and spoke of a violation of international law if the annexation plans were implemented. The German federal government now also wants to deal with the measure and position itself. Steffi Hentschke is a freelance correspondent in Israel and explains what such an annexation would look like and what it would mean for the Palestinians who live in the areas in the West Bank.

And otherwise? Everyday racism in pictures.

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