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Farmers' unions in Haute-Loire denounced recent attacks by vultures against herds in recent days, and asked the State to act by setting up in particular scaring shots and a system of compensation for the breeders. "Vultures are strict scavengers and therefore completely harmless and unable to attack any flock," reacted on Monday the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

After the #loup and the # bear, now we should regulate the #vulture? 😡

In addition, vultures do not attack live and mobile animals, sometimes early sick or dying animals.

- LPO France (@LPOFrance) June 24, 2020

"It is true that a dying animal unable to move can theoretically be eaten by vultures. And in this case, they anticipate certain death, "she added, referring to the example of a dead or injured animal following a" delivery that went bad "or the attack" of a stray dog ​​”. The LPO responded to the press release from the FDSEA and the Young Farmers of the department, released this Wednesday and reporting "attacks" of the diurnal raptor in their livestock.

Defenders protest

"For three weeks, six breeders in Haute-Loire have been attacked by vultures: 7 sheep and 2 cattle have been eaten, and a lamb attacked but saved by the breeder", they denounced, citing cases in the communes Saugues, Torsiac, Couteuges, Lubilhac, Thoras and Chanaleilles. "If we all learned at school that the vulture was a scavenger, it must be noted, in light of the latest attacks, that it also attacks live animals," they also said.

A Haute-Loire breeder saves a lamb victim of an attack of fifty #vautour: @ Fdsea43 and @JAHauteLoire asks the State to take the file in hand (responses on behavioral changes, scaring, regulation and compensation for breeders)!

- FDSEA HAUTE-LOIRE (@ Fdsea43) June 24, 2020

"We talk about animal welfare all the time, we leave the animals outside, in the natural environment, with as much comfort and well-being as possible," said JA Haute-Loire president Laurine Rousset. . "And now we have to get them in because we have vulture problems?" A moment ago, we will have to make the right choices, ”she insisted.

A study of their behavior?

The two agricultural unions notably ask for a study on "the evolution of the behavior of vultures", the setting up of scaring shots and compensation for breeders. They have an appointment with the prefect in early July.

The LPO, to the grievances of the farmers of Haute-Loire, recalled this Monday the already existing responses of a National Action Plan, which aims to preserve the relationship of mutual benefits between breeders and vultures. The association also assured that the "very large majority" of breeders were in favor of the presence of these birds, which it said guaranteed "free and natural rendering".


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