Erika Helin, who popped out of the 2018 Miss Finland competition, has had time to be involved in many things over the past two years. Last fall, he realized one of his biggest dreams and posed for the Portuguese version of the legendary Playboy men’s magazine.

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Now Helin, 26, is close to realizing another great dream as well. Namely, she is involved in the cover magazine competition of the American magazine Maxim, which is looking for a new cover girl for the world-famous men’s magazine. Previously, Elina Tervo and Isabell Ljungdell, among others, have taken part in the competition for Finnish beauties.

- This is great. However, there are so many stages in the competition that I myself do not quite know where to go now, the good-natured Helin tells Ilta-Sanomat.

Helin went public from the 2018 Miss Finland competition.


However, Helin has already reached the point in the multi-part competition that the next stage is the selection of the finalists. However, she recalls that in addition to her, hundreds of women are still competing for the finals.

- We are now having a group vote. Of these, the winners then go on to the final round. I don't know if there have ever been Finns there before, Helin rejoices.

- Winning would be a dream come true. Then I could die happy, he laughs.

Although Helin has had enough demand in the model market for the past two years, the young woman has still held on to her bread job in the IT industry. However, Helin admits that she hopes to be able to give up her current wash in the future and support herself entirely through modeling. This wish was also kept in mind when Helin decided to apply for the competition organized by Maxim.

- Yes, I wish I could go around the world for a year and resign from that day job. Just make descriptions and travel, Helin sighs.

- However, I still can't really say whether this competition has just increased my visibility in the world. At least Maxim has not yet officially introduced competitors anywhere. But I hope this would help take it one step closer to that dream, he adds.

Helin says she dreams of being able to support herself entirely through modeling.

Photo: Joonas Salo

So far, however, Helin has enjoyed himself in Finland and, in his own words, is spending a wild single summer in the Helsinki metropolitan area. However, he reveals that he dreams of finding a man to enjoy summer in Helsinki with.

- Yes, I could date every day. Someone could take me on a hot air balloon flight, Helin laughs.

- Summer is a wonderful time for handsome men and beautiful women to meet on every corner of the street. What's better, he glows.

The financial difficulties are tormenting

Maxim has been organizing his popular Cover Girl competition for years. In the Cover Girl contest, power is entirely up to the voters, who get to vote for their favorite once for free and otherwise for a small fee. The winner, on the other hand, is promised plenty of column space in a popular magazine. The competition was previously held in the fall, so bringing it forward has sparked speculation about Maxim’s intentions.

Indeed, the New York Post recently published an article in which it said the magazine had brought forward this year’s Cover Girl competition by several months with the goal of making up for unprofitable losses. Although Maxim is perhaps the most famous men’s magazine in the world since Playboy, it has suffered from financial difficulties in recent years.

According to that article, Maxim tried to attract young women, especially those widely known on social media, to take part in the competition by promising that the proceeds of voting would go to purely charity. However, it soon became clear that the magazine plans to keep as much as 75 percent of the proceeds, donating only the remaining 25 percent to Jared Allen’s Home for Wounded Warriors, which supports war veterans.

An article published by the New York Post shows that in 2018, for example, Maxim netted a profit of $ 1.3 million from his Cover Girl competition. The charity pot, however, garnered a paltry $ 444 at the time. In that year, Finnish beauties were seen in the competition in up to two songs, when in addition to Isabella Ljungdell, Marianne Kallio also competed for the votes of the audience.

Overall, Maxim has made a loss for several consecutive years, and the rate doesn’t seem to be turning better this year. In 2020, the magazine has already made a loss of $ 32,000 in its first quarter, according to the New York Post. Maxim has so far not revealed as the winner of this year’s Cover Girl competition will be crowned.