Michèle Rubirola won the municipal elections in Marseille, but the Printemps de Marseille did not obtain an absolute majority. - Philippe Magoni / Sipa

  • Despite its large victory in terms of votes, the Marseille Spring did not win an absolute majority in the municipal council.
  • To hope to elect Michèle Rubirola mayor, he will have to count on the vote of the municipal councilors of Samia Ghali.
  • The former PS senator has not spoken since Sunday evening.

A large victory in terms of votes, but no absolute majority in the municipal council. This is the paradox of the results of the municipal election of Marseille, Sunday, with the victory of Michèle Rubirola, of Printemps Marseille with 38.28%, against 30.75% for Martine Vassal (Les Républicains). The difference is more than 13,000 votes in advance.

But with the division by sectors, these 13,000 votes in advance are only materialized by an advance of three municipal councilors, 42 for Michèle Rubirola, against 39 for Martine Vassal, when the absolute majority requires 51 seats.

"Those who make believe that Samia Ghali will ally with Vassal dirty it"

The key for the Marseille Spring to win the town hall lies in the vote of the municipal councilors of Samia Ghali. The ex-PS senator from the northern districts won her sector, in front of the Printemps de Marseille, and acquired eight municipal councilors. But it remains silent for the moment on the choice it and its municipal councilors will make on Saturday, during the vote of the next mayor.

Benoit Payan, who won the 2-3 sector with the Marseilles Spring, "cannot imagine that Samia Ghali, who with sincerity, strength and clarity, opposed the outgoing majority to come to give a majority to Martine Vassal ”. “There is a strategy, that of Michèle Rubirola, who came out on top with 13,000 votes in advance and who is in the position of becoming mayor against Martine Vassal. Who can no longer make a majority, ”he explains. And according to Benoit Payan, "those who try to make believe that Samia Ghali plans to ally with Vassal dirty it".

A woman on the left

But the liabilities between certain members of Printemps Marseille and Samia Ghali could play a role. As the maintenance of the Printemps Marseille against Samia Ghali in its sector in the second round, while Sébastien Barles, and Debout Marseille, the green list, had decided to support the senator, despite an agreement with Printemps Marseille on the other sectors. He considers that a vote by Samia Ghali for a majority in the Marseille Spring would be natural.

Dear friends of @PrintempsMRS, we voted for you, we chose to support you in the polling stations as assessors and delegates, we are with you. So an important question: are you in negotiations with Samia Ghali? Shouldn't we? #MunicipalesMarseille

- Guillaume Origoni (@Gorigoni) June 30, 2020

"Samia Ghali is a woman on the left, we meet on ecological issues such as pollution of boats, and we can collectively lead the battle of public transport in the northern districts", advances the one who joined the Printemps Marseille between the two towers .

"No bargaining"

He considers that Michèle Rubirola must call Samia Ghali. “It must launch this rapprochement phase and open the framework for an agreement between them. Michèle Rubirola has this unifying profile, she has been a doctor in the northern districts, she is the compass of Marseillais. With it we know where we are going, ”says Sébastien Barles.

"We have to go beyond all of this, there can be no bargaining," considers Benoit Payan. It is a decision that belongs to her, she will speak very clearly on Saturday. ” There is no doubt, according to him, that Samia Ghali allies with the Marseille Spring: "she fought all her life against the right," he concludes. But even with a vote of the municipal councilors of Samia Ghali, he will still miss a seat Michèle Rubirola to become mayor ...


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