China News Network, June 30, according to comprehensive foreign media news, a Boeing 737Max took off from the Golden County Airport in Seattle, the United States at about 13:00 on the 29th, and launched a key flight test.

  According to Reuters, the flight test is expected to last for three days and is a key step in the 737Max go-around. The BBC said this was a "milestone" for Boeing.

  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the test "will include a series of flight exercises and emergency procedures so that the agency can assess whether these changes meet FAA certification standards."

  The agency also stated that there are currently "no decisions yet on whether to allow the aircraft to go around", and there are many other steps before returning the aircraft to service.

Data Map: In March 2019, the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX series aircraft was parked at Victorville Airport, known as the "aircraft cemetery".

  People familiar with the matter said that if all goes well, the FAA will also need to approve new pilot training procedures and other reviews, and may not approve the go-around of the aircraft until September. This means that Boeing 737MAX is expected to resume service in the United States by the end of the year.

  Previously, the aircraft was banned for 15 months because of two consecutive crashes. After the crash, the US Congress and the entire aviation industry set off discussions on the procedures and safety of the FAA to approve new aircraft designs, and also promoted important reforms in how pilots and cockpit automation systems should interact.

  A Boeing spokesman said, "We will continue to work hard for the Go-around of the Max model."

  And Wall Street generally believes that this latest trend is an important part of Boeing's worst corporate crisis. So after the news came out, Boeing's stock price rose by more than 6%. This also boosted the performance of the Dow on that day, with a gain of over 400 points.