Emmanuel Macron announced Monday to retain 146 of the 149 proposals of the members of the Citizen Convention for the Climate. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, former EELV MEP, warns the French on Europe 1 Tuesday that the ecological transition will affect them all and that they will have to change their way of life.  


Emmanuel Macron announced Monday, before the 150 members of the Citizen Climate Convention, to retain 146 of their 149 proposals, most of which will be the subject of a "specific bill" multi-measures in September. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, former EELV MEP, wanted to warn the French about the changes to come. "There is no ecological transition that does not hurt because it is a change of lifestyle so all citizens will be affected," he stressed on Europe 1 Tuesday.

"Companies must think their way of producing to change it"

Daniel Cohn-Bendit believes that "we have to do some work on ourselves" and that the ecological transition "forces us to think about our lives". Such a change will affect citizens, but also businesses. "They must think their way of producing to change it," he sums up.

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Among the proposals adopted by the President of the Republic, is the introduction of a law creating the term "ecocide" crime in order to punish a serious damage to the environment. In case of violation of this law, the members of the Citizens' Convention propose "a prison sentence and a fine for company directors or persons directly responsible". 

"Those who have difficulty adapting to evolution must be helped"

"It is not a punitive economy and an ecology but an economy and an ecology that pushes us to change for another future," he said. At the individual level, Daniel Cohn-Bendit approves the idea of ​​the CO2 score, which allows us to know whether what we are buying is good for the climate or not. "When you buy something, you are told how much it costs the environment so that you are aware that you have to pollute yourself."

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Among the measures proposed by the Citizen Climate Convention are food vouchers, aid for vehicles, or even the renovation of housing. Proposals that combine ecological transition and social justice. "The ecological transition must be structured in such a way that those who find it difficult to adapt to evolution must be helped," observes Daniel Cohn-Bendit.