English. A country that has given humanity the comedy character Mr. Bean - and top golfer Ian Poulter. Poulter was briefly caught in the embarrassing man’s pants in the final round of the PGA Tour tournament in Connecticut, USA.

Poulter's pair of players, Greg Chalmers, just made it to the opening fairway when Poulter, who was waiting for his turn, let go of air, so to speak. Embarrassing, but that kind of hurts everyone. What made the case particularly annoying this time, however, was the fact that Poulter’s long, devoted, and loud fart was recorded in the microphone of the film crew that followed the duo.

However, the 44-year-old Poulter, nicknamed The Postman, was up to date as an experienced player, as evidenced by the exchange of words heard in the video.

- Did you get it in the jar? After his performance, Poulter asked the member of the film crew responsible for the vote.

- Would you stay there on the sidelines, Chalmers suggested to his partner for quite understandable reasons and asked:

- Was it meant to be quieter?

Poulter shared a video of the coincidence on his own Instagram account and appealed to the excitement.

- The nerves are really tight in the first place. Remember to watch out for microphones, the English gentleman wrote.

Chalmers, for his part, pointed out on Twitter that he appreciated how the sound of Poulter’s stomach upset was subtitled on the video with the text “(Fart)”.

- The subtitles really confirmed what happened to me, Australian Chalmers commented with laughter.

"The best part is that everyone thought it was you," Poulter replied.

Poulter played in the final round with a result of one under a pair, while Chalmers was left with a result of three over a pair. Both were left in the worse side of 60 in the final results. The winner was Dustin Johnson from the USA.

However, Poulter’s tournament ended in the most serious signs, according to The Sun, when he learned that his opening round game pair, Dylan Frittell, had given a positive corona sample.