▲ Taiwanese Army (yellow circle) undergoing joint training with the US military

Taiwanese media reported on the 29th that the US military has unveiled the first joint training session between the two countries in Taiwan amid increasing military tensions between China and Taiwan.

After the second phase of the Tsai Ying One, there is an observation that it is a stone to hold China under high pressure against Taiwan and to show off security cooperation with Taiwan.

The Taiwan media, including the Yonhap Newspaper, reported that the 1st Special Operations Group under the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) utilized the combined training scene of the U.S. and Taiwanese forces in the unit promotion video ``EXCELLENCE''.

The scene was produced and released by the U.S. military in February last year, and this is the first time that a training location and a joint training force have been specifically exposed.

In the video, which is about 44 seconds long, the 1st Special Operations Corps revealed how US and Taiwanese special forces are conducting joint training in Taiwan to enter, search, rescue the wounded, and evacuate personnel.

In particular, in the video, the letters of the'Army' and the'Taiwan Flag' were identified on the Black Hawk (UH-60M) helicopter aircraft that was put into operation for evacuation and evacuation of the injured.

This video shows the joint training of Taiwan and the US Special Forces, called'Balance Tamper', and it is known that the two countries will conduct the training once or twice next year according to the request of both parties.

In the training, the U.S. Army's 1st Task Force jurisdiction and the Taiwan Army's 3rd Army Squadron participate.

In this regard, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense confirmed that "everything was a normal military exchange," confirming that the US military exposed a joint military training video of Taiwan and the United States in the video.

The Ministry of National Defense has not made comments regarding the training situation of Taiwan and the US military.

An official from the Ministry of National Defense of the Ministry of National Defense, the Think Tank Defense Safety Research Institute (INDSR), said that in addition to the sale of weapons, such training is the key to military cooperation between the two countries. It conveyed a clear strategic signal.'

(Photo = US Army 1st Special Forces Facebook capture, Yonhap News)