Whether the cottage had a noisy neighbor, a resident of the opposite shore who likes to swim or paddled for a surprise visit, at least you can't describe Finnish cottage life as boring.

Readers of Ilta-Sanomat tell about the mischief of their cottage shops.

The neighbors fell silent

- My cousin, tired of the noise of a neighbor, rented a cottage for motorcyclists for the summer. The fuss stopped. All the summers after that summer have been quietly held.

The curious lady got into a climb

- We have such a curious neighbor's lady that she fell while patrolling our yard from a brook on the border. Rytinä went into the bush and I thought some wild boar was living there. No, the lady climbed out of the creek, touching her side.

At least the cottage in Finland is not boring, Ilta-Sanomat's readers' stories reveal.

Photo: Colourbox

Canoe trip surprise

- Once on the lake there was a group of foreign women paddling. They messed up the shit when I was on the pier. They laughed like a pig, and they didn’t mean to get the canoe to go in the right direction anymore.

A screaming cottage neighbor

- The lady of the cottage neighbor always screams naked when she goes swimming for so long that in the nearby cottages all the men know that Mrs. Seija is going to swim. And this happens twice a day throughout the summer.

The radio plays non-stop

- Our neighbor has been playing the radio non-stop for five years outdoors, whether there was anyone next door or not. Curious thing.

Excavator sounds

- We have a neighbor, a permanent resident, who digs rocks with an excavator for fun. Nothing sensible-looking comes from that job, but there’s plenty of noise even in the evening. And the dogs accompany it.

“A neighbor, a permanent resident, is digging rocks with an excavator for fun,” says one.

Photo: Colourbox

Wonderful hustle and bustle on the pier

- We had a neighbor to scare at his own pier whenever we had guests. A man was playing with a helicopter and a woman was bumping towards us.

Dogs bite the baby

- The large service dogs next door to the cottage ran the days apart, chased the ATV and bit my toy-aged child at the time. I called the police scene and the dogs and their owners were allowed to leave the same day. There was no saying when there was a show of bite marks on a child’s arm.

Dispute over the inner toilet

- Before, a grandfather playing a bad accordion was a guest next door. Now there are the heirs with their screaming teens. As Midsummer, they wanted an inner toilet, and everyone heard it. Mom also responded by shouting and cursing. No one knows how to behave.