Russian Constitution Amendment Voting System Attacked by Russian Central Election Commission: Seems to Come from Britain and Singapore

  [Global Times report reporter Liu Yupeng] Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the referendum on the Russian Constitution Amendment originally scheduled for April 22 was postponed to July 1, from June 25 to July 1 within a week. Russian citizens can participate through online voting and voting points to avoid gathering. However, the Russian Central Election Commission said on the 28th that from the same morning, the online voting system of the Russian Constitutional Amendment was attacked by the Internet. The attacks appeared to come from the United Kingdom and Singapore. The system was also attacked on the 26th.

  The Russian "Opinion" said on the 28th that if the constitutional amendment is passed, the current Russian President Putin can continue to participate in the presidential election after the expiration of his term in 2024, and is expected to be in power until 2036. The Russian-Chinese Election Commission said on the 28th that there are currently more than 500,000 observers supervising the voting work at each polling site. Putin previously stated in a video conference with observers that he must ensure that the referendum results are true and legal. The All-Russia Social Opinion Research Center predicts that the turnout for this vote will reach 52.6%.

  Russian State Duma Chairman Volodin said on the 26th that Russia is currently facing an unfair international environment and Putin’s right to continue to run will make Russia more competitive. At the same time, the amendments also laid the foundation for improving people's well-being and guaranteeing citizens' rights and freedoms.