The corresponding decree was published by the Kremlin press service.

“For the dedication shown in the fight against coronavirus infection (COVID-19), award the Order of Pirogov to Anureva Svetlana Borisovna - volunteer, Ulyanovsk region (posthumous),” the text of the document says.

As TASS clarifies, a posthumous award was given to Anuryeva, who helped those in need, despite cancer, on June 26, participants in the акции We Together ’action addressed the president.

Putin said he would do it.

As the Moscow Talking radio station reported, a 19-year-old student Svetlana Anuryeva from the village of Karsun, Ulyanovsk Region, was delivering food to single elderly people.

It was noted that the doctors discovered the girl had inoperable cancer of the fourth degree, however, she continued to work as a volunteer, and the girl died on May 31.

June 26, Putin said that volunteers during the coronavirus epidemic have provided effective assistance to more than 3 million Russian citizens.