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June 29, 2020 The world needs prophecies and true prophets, not those who just talk and promise things that they already know they won't be able to keep. It is the warning of Pope Francis, during the celebration of mass in the Vatican Basilica, on the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul patrons of Rome.

"Prophecy - explains the Pontiff - arises when we let ourselves be provoked by God; not when we manage our own tranquility and keep everything under control. When the Gospel overturns certainties, prophecy arises. Only those who open themselves to God's surprises he becomes a prophet. And today we need prophecy, true prophecy: not of words that promise the impossible, but of witnesses that the Gospel is possible ".

And so, the Pope underlines, "miraculous manifestations are not needed, but lives that manifest the miracle of God's love. Not power, but coherence. Not words, but prayer. Do not proclaim, but service. Not theory, but testimony. Not we need to be rich, but to love the poor; not to earn for ourselves, but to spend ourselves for others; not for the consensus of the world, but for the joy for the world to come; not for efficient pastoral projects, but for pastors who offer life: in love with God ".

"Praying for those who govern us"
Praying for those who govern us: Pope Francis reiterates this invitation, already expressed previously in the phase of major emergency of the coronavirus, renewing it during the celebration of mass in the Vatican Basilica, on the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul patrons of Rome.

The early Christians, recalls the Pontiff, "did not blame but prayed; in that community no one criticized, no one stood behind them. Saint Paul urged Christians to pray for everyone and first of all for those who govern. There are many qualifying adjectives against rulers. : you judge them God, but we pray for them, they need prayer. It is a task that the Lord entrusts to us. Do we do it? Or do we speak, we insult and that's all? ", the Pope asks.

" God expects us to pray when we pray we also remember those who do not think like us, those who have closed the door on us, those who struggle to forgive. Only prayer undoes the chains, only prayer paves the way for unity ", underlines the Pope.

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- Vatican News (@vaticannews_it) June 29, 2020