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Podemos has presented this Monday the indictments corresponding to the three pieces already concluded in the macro-investigation on the activities of the commissioner in prison José Manuel Villarejo. The highest sentence does not correspond to the retired commissioner, but to the businessman Juan Muñoz , husband of the journalist Ana Rosa Quintana , and to his brother Fernando . The party led by Pablo Iglesias , which exercises the popular accusation, claims for each of them a total of 17 years in prison in the so-called Pintor piece , one more than for Villarejo himself.

The piece Painter focuses on the commission that the Muñoz brothers would have made to the commissioner to inquire into the heritage of a former partner with whom they were confronted. Also so that he could find sensitive material against the former judge he had as a lawyer, which would make it easier for him to convince his client to reach an agreement with the Muñoz family. This material consisted of videos recorded with a hidden camera in which the lawyer appeared in bathrooms of nightclubs using drugs.

We can attribute to the businessman Juan Leocadio Muñoz Támara three crimes: disclosure of secrets (five years), discovery and disclosure of secrets, (six years) and continued crime of discovery and disclosure of reserved data recorded in computer files (another six years). We can present the same accusation for the other brother, Fernando. As for Villarejo and his partner, Juan Redondo, he attributes the same crimes to them, although in one of them the claimed penalty falls by one year.

The indictment is extended to the rest of the defendants in the case, which include police and detectives who participated in the espionage. The list of accused adds 14 people. The Prosecutor's Office will shortly present its own accusation brief for the crimes of extortion and discovery and disclosure of secrets.

In general, the public annoyance that Podemos presents towards the commissioner José Manuel Villarejo is not particularly perceived in the aseptic accusation briefs presented by the lawyer Alejandro Gámez . The political formation claims for those who consider a key piece in the 'sewers' of the State and the epitome of a corrupt Police less than a third of the sentence that Anticorruption.

In the first of the separate pieces of the Tandem case that ended to be investigated, called Iron , the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office claimed a total of 57 years for the retired commissioner for a total of 11 crimes. We can barely 13 years for three crimes. The piece Iron deals with the hiring of Villarejo by a law firm to spy on a rival law firm.

The third indictment is the one that corresponds to the Land piece , which has investigated Villarejo in another contract, this time to favor one of the parties in a family dispute with a real estate background. Anticorruption presented an indictment that added 38 years and 10 months in prison for Villarejo. Podemos, for its part, once again asks him for 13 years in prison for the same three crimes as in the piece Iron : bribery, revelation of secrets and documentary falsehood.

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