Numerous advertisers are currently boycotting Facebook from being too lax about interfering with misleading information or hate speech.

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Perhaps surprisingly aptly, Facebook talked last week about one way to eradicate misleading information.

According to Facebook, users of the service will start seeing a notification box around the world if they try to share a news article that is more than 90 days old. The notification says the news is more than three months old and allows the user to either continue or cancel sharing.

Even an older article is often a valid source of information and can provide useful background information for understanding current and current topics of discussion. However, according to Facebook, news publishers have expressed concern about distributing old articles as new ones, which could put the topics currently being covered in the wrong light.

Facebook says its internal research has found that the timeliness of a news article is an important factor in what people choose to read and share. Another factor that strongly affects the reliability of news is the accuracy of its facts. However, Facebook is not known to have checked the facts of the Finnish-language news at all.

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Other notification boxes are promised. Facebook is considering looking like this, for example, in updates with links to Covid-19 disease. The view would provide information about the origin of the link and direct users to official information about the disease.