It may be said that it was a strange ballot organized at the end of a strange election campaign and in an unfamiliar health context, perhaps drawing attention to the real municipal challenges; However, the recent municipal elections in France - in spite of the great reluctance of the electorate to vote - confirmed that the "green phenomenon" has become a reality, and even turned the French political scene upside down.

With that introduction, the French newspaper Le Figaro started its editorial, which came out with a broader conclusion that what happened indicates that the issue of the environment is now at the heart of the political conscience of developed countries.

Editor of the editorial Alexis Prizzi listed the names of some of the large French cities that the Green Party won in a vote on Sunday in the second round of the French municipal elections, saying that the most prominent of them is Marseille (the second largest city in France), Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Poitiers, Besançon, Tour, and others.

As for the priority reading in the loss of the most important French traditional parties in this poll, the writer pointed out that the far-right party "The National Rally", which was hoping to benefit from the anxiety and discontent that currently prevails in society, was disappointed, and if it had not succeeded in Perpignan, its ordeal would have been more severe.

Republicans, who would have liked this vote to culminate in their strong return to the scene, were disappointed. The green wave has underestimated their good results in rural areas, small towns and medium-sized cities.

But the most terrible failure - according to the author - is what the party of French President Emmanuel Macron suffered, as these results dispelled the President’s dream of changing the game by rooting his political family in the heart of the country, and he will have to give up on that.

In his plans to deal with the "new phase" that was supposed to save the remainder of his current presidential term, Macron actually had to deal with a health crisis likely to worsen, and the economic and social tsunami, with political difficulties of all kinds, but now he is surprised by guests "Disturbing" will make matters worse.