Iran has issued a warrant for the arrest of US President Donald Trump for the murder of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Tehran announced this on Monday.

Chief prosecutor Ali Alqasi-Mehr said Iran, in addition to Trump, wants to prosecute 35 alleged people involved in the death of Soleimani, including government officials from the US and other countries. He did not provide details about the identities of the other suspects.

Alqasi-Mehr said the Iranian Public Prosecution Service plans to prosecute Trump even if he loses the presidential election in November and makes way for his successor early next year.

The Iranian authorities say they have asked Interpol to include the 37 suspects, including the US President, on the international investigation list. The police organization is unlikely to do this, as Interpol rules state that such requests should not be political in nature.

Interpol and the White House have not yet responded to requests for comment.

Do US-Iran tensions flare up again?

Although Trump need not fear arrest, the OM move in Tehran shows that tensions between Iran and the US are not yet out of the blue.

They started when the US announced in 2018 that it would step out of the 2015 nuclear agreement and tightened the sanctions regime against Iran.

Qassem Soleimani, leader of the Quds Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and widely regarded as the mastermind of Iran's foreign policy, was killed on January 3 this year in a US drone attack in Baghdad. Iran struck back with a missile strike on U.S. troops in Iraq, killing no people.

Tehran also said in the aftermath of Soleimani's death that he no longer feels bound by the nuclear deal, to the dismay of the three European countries, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, who also signed it.

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