Paris (AFP)

The World Rugby board is not expected to rule on June 30, as originally scheduled, on the number of international matches played in October and November, the AFP official said.

"We are ensuring that all parties have the time necessary to come up with the best possible solution for the 2020 calendar. In view of the constructive and productive meetings underway between the stakeholders, we will not set a date for any decision on this. stadium, "a spokesman for World Rugby told AFP.

According to another source familiar with the matter, World Rugby could act as a widening of the international window for the autumn in July, probably around the 15th.

The autumn test matches should indeed be disrupted by the health and travel conditions imposed on the southern nations as well as by the cancellation of the summer tours or the matches to be made up, in particular in the Six Nations Tournament .

Professional clubs, weakened by the interruption of competitions due to the coronavirus, fear the widening of the international window to seven weeks (from October 24 to December 5-6), instead of the three usually scheduled for November.

The LNR recently proposed that the XV of France play five matches over five consecutive weekends, from October 31 to November 28. The FFR wants six.

Last week, in an interview with AFP, the director general of World Rugby Brett Gosper explained that the new world calendar must "recognize and support the needs of clubs and federations".

"Our role is to facilitate a result that is good for everyone. We listen to and understand the opinions of all stakeholders," said the Australian leader.

"Once we have agreed on what the end of this year will look like, there will be further consultation to understand how we can achieve a more optimized schedule than the one we currently have, for the benefit of all federations and clubs, "also said Gosper.

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