From June 15, air travelers from major parts of Europe were welcomed to Athens and Thessaloniki.

On July 1, all airports will open for international flights, except to and from countries that are still seriously affected by the pandemic - and that includes Sweden and the UK.

"The entire opening process is dynamic and the situation will be continuously reviewed," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during a meeting with representatives of health, tourism and civil protection on Monday, according to Reuters.

Greece refers to EU guidelines to determine which countries are considered to be at high risk of spreading the corona virus.

191 dead with covid-19

So far, Greece has managed to keep the spread of infection down to about 3,400 cases. The number of deaths in the covid-19 viral disease is 191.

The early and extensive closure explains why the country has performed so well compared to other European states.

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently lifted its recommendation to travel to ten European countries, including Greece, for so-called unnecessary trips. The decision will take effect on Tuesday.

It is unclear whether Greek authorities intend to take steps to prevent British travelers from reaching Greece via other routes, writes The Independent.