Since mid-March, residents in care and care homes and elderly people in hospitals in Denmark have had limited opportunities to receive visits.

Like in Sweden, some meetings can be held outdoors to prevent the spread of covid-19 and then with protective equipment. But Denmark changes the rules and allows visits even indoors from 2 July, states Politiken and DR.

- With our offensive test strategy, intensive infection detection and the opportunity to temporarily intervene in case of infection flare up, we have the necessary tools to ensure that residents and patients in Denmark can now receive visits to an even greater extent, says Social Minister Magnus Heunicke (S) .

Local visitor bans

But the Danish Patient Safety Board will still be able to issue local restrictions and prohibitions if needed in the event of an outbreak of infection, such as in the municipality of Hjørring.

At the same time, the Ministry of Social Affairs emphasizes that recommendations on hygiene and distance are followed when visiting elderly residents.

- It testifies to the fact that the epidemic still exists in our society. But we will continue to do everything we can to avoid infecting the hospitals and the elderly, among others, ”says Magnus Heunicke.

Relatives of the residents must have access to mouthguards or other protective equipment when visiting, says the DR and refers to a press release.

Sweden: Prohibition of 31 August

There is a ban on visitors to all elderly homes in Sweden since 31 March. On June 15, the government announced that the national ban on visitors would be extended until August 31.