Michèle Rubirola, from Printemps Marseille, during her speech during the municipal election night in Marseille. - PHILIPPE MAGONI / SIPA

  • Michèle Rubirola, from Printemps Marseille, came first in the second round of municipal elections in Marseille with 38.28% of the vote, ahead of Martine Vassal, Les Républicains, 30.75%.
  • If this advance in terms of voice is important, it offers him only 42 seats on the municipal council, against 39 for Martine Vassal, due to the PLM law and the division by sector.
  • A situation which offers the smallest candidates like Bruno Gilles (DvD), but especially Samia Ghali (DvG), the possibility of weighing heavily in the election of the next mayor of Marseille.

12:40 a.m. It was necessary to wait until this hour in the night from Sunday to Monday, to see Michèle Rubirola, the candidate of the Printemps de Marseille, appear before the journalists at her campaign room, for her statement after her victory during the second round of the municipal elections in Marseilles. "We are sorry, we are waiting for the results of 11-12 so that she can express herself," made her team wait several times. Despite her large victory in terms of votes, Michèle Rubirola came out on top with 38.28% of the votes cast, against 30.75% for Martine Vassal, the candidate Les Républicains, she did not win an absolute majority in the municipal council.

The atmosphere on the Old Port in the evening was a reflection of the result of the candidate from Printemps Marseille. Around 11 p.m., several dozen sympathizers began to converge on the town hall to celebrate this historic victory after 25 years of Jean-Claude Gaudin's reign. An hour and a half later, the atmosphere had quickly subsided. And for good reason, the large city-wide victory did not materialize in the sectors.

13,091 votes apart, but only three municipal councilors in advance

If the 4-5 of Michèle Rubirola, the 1-7 of Sophie Camard, the 2-3 of Benoit Payan and especially the 6-8 of Olivia Fortin, facing Martine Vassal herself , fell under the bosom of the Marseille Spring, the contingent of sectors won ends there. Martine Vassal and the Republicans managed to win three sectors, including the most important, 13-14, where they were in a duel against the candidate of the National Rally Stéphane Ravier, the 9-10 of Lionel Royer Perreaut. And especially the 11-12 of Julien Ravier and Valérie Boyer, for 352 votes.

The 13,091 voices of difference between Michèle Rubirola and Printemps Printemps Marseille against Martine Vassal only materialize with an advance of three municipal councilors with this breakdown by sectors. Michèle Rubirola will have 42 municipal councilors, compared to 39 for Martine Vassal, while the absolute majority requires 51.

Blocking or defeating the right?

A relative majority therefore, on which Martine Vassal has surfed, despite her poor result. “Tonight I haven't lost, tonight there is no majority in Marseille. There is a deadlock that I feared. How are we going to govern Marseille? "She said.

An opinion that Michèle Rubirola is far from sharing. "Even if the majority is relative in number of seats, which is also a democratic misinterpretation, it is not a relative victory for us. It is a defeat for the right, it is no longer able to govern this city, "she said.

The “little” kingmakers

It is ultimately therefore the "smallest" candidates who could become kingmakers. To start with Samia Ghali, the various senator left of the northern districts managed to be re-elected in her sector of 15-16 with 38.17% of the votes cast before Jean-Marc Coppola, of Printemps Marseille, and its 35.24%.

Tonight #Marseille can no longer be done without the northern districts.
A big thank you to everyone who trusted me. # TousUnisPourDefendreles1516 pic.twitter.com/Kiu6CyLXlG

- Samia GHALI (@SamiaGhali) June 29, 2020

A result at 2.9% on the whole of the city which still allows him to win eight city councilors. They will undoubtedly weigh in the vote for the next mayor, which should take place this Saturday. "Tonight, Marseille can no longer be done without the northern districts," she welcomed Sunday evening, well aware of the central position it now occupies.

Results of the municipal elections in Marseille

Bruno Gilles, various legal candidate, wins three. He could also topple the election, even if he has already warned that he would not vote for Martine Vassal if she were to run for mayor. By implying that if another LR candidate were to run for mayor, he could ally himself with him. The week will be very long in Marseille.


Results of the municipal elections in Marseille: Michèle Rubirola and the Printemps marseillais win the second round, but not the absolute majority


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