We have reported on the anti-discrimination legislation several times to prevent discrimination against minorities, and today (29th) a bill was proposed at the National Assembly to stop discrimination. It is barely filled with the quorum of the foot, so it seems to be rough until the legislation.

Reporter Kwon Ji-yoon.

<Reporter> An

anti-discrimination legislation was revised seven years after February 2013.

It included the prohibition of discrimination based on 23 reasons such as gender, disability, religion, and sexual orientation in the fields of employment, education, use of goods, and administrative services.

[Bae Jin-gyo/CEO of the Justice Party: Law cannot deny the existence of human beings. I want you to remember that the anti-discrimination law is a matter of survival for some.] The

Justice Party, which led the initiative, has only six members.

Persuaded 4 members of the Democratic Party, Insook Kwon, Dongju Lee, Open Democratic Party, Kang Min-jung, and Yonghye-in, the Basic Income Party, to barely fill the 10 quorums.

Except for Justice Sang-jeong Shim, they are all proportional representatives.

Local constituencies were said to be reluctant to join, as some conservative Protestant groups influential in the district claimed to be fiercely protesting the "homosexual preferences" or "religious oppression."

However, there are no provisions for punishing discriminatory acts if they are penalized for allegedly claiming discrimination.

The anti-discrimination bill was first submitted by the Roh Moo-hyun government, and President Moon Jae-in made a legislative pledge in the 2012 presidential election.

[Shim Sang-jung/Jeong-Ji-pang: Becoming a super ruling party, the Democratic Party is eagerly appealing that 88% of the citizens will be responsible for enacting the anti-discrimination legislation.] The

Justice Party also said that the first members of the United Party oppose all discrimination. It reminded them of their condolences and also urged the United Nations to cooperate.

(Video coverage: Seunghwan Lee, Video editing: Hyeyoung Choi)