China News Service, June 28, according to the report of the Chinese website of China on the 27th, a few days ago, Bruce Judge of a circuit court in Illinois made a ruling in the civil case of Zhang Yingying, dismissing Zhang Yingying's family's lawsuit against two psychological advisers of the University of Illinois.

  According to reports, the murderer of Chinese student Zhang Yingying, Chris Fujimori, had counseled two social workers in the psychological counseling room of the University of Illinois where he was before the incident. Zhang Yingying's family believes that the murderer revealed to them three months before killing Zhang Yingying that she was fascinated by the serial killer and also purchased and returned the items used to transfer and dispose of the body. But the school's two psychological counselors did not do a good job of counseling, which led to Zhang Yingying's death.

Data figure: The murderer Christensen in the case of Zhang Yingying.

  But Judge Jason Bohm said that the two consultants could not be considered "caused, or in any legal sense, contributed to her death." The judge believed that Chris Watson's idea of ​​murder on the consultant's behalf , Does not constitute a "specific threat."

  The civil lawsuit took place in June 2019, before Christensen’s criminal trial. On December 30, 2019, a federal judge in Iraq made a ruling to dismiss the lawsuit.

  Robin Kaler, a spokesman for the University of Illinois, said, "We have always been sad for Ms. Zhang's family and loved ones because of Zhang's death. We support our social workers, their professionalism and their commitment to student health and safety. Promise of."

  After a long trial, Christensen was found guilty of kidnapping and causing Zhang Yingying's death in June 2017 and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.