Jeanne Barseghian, EELV candidate for the 2020 municipal elections in Strasbourg. June 18, 2020. - G. Varela / 20 Minutes

  • Surprise from the 1st round, where she came first, Jeanne Barseghian confirmed by obtaining 42.5% of the votes cast, Sunday. The ecologist is elected mayor of Strasbourg.
  • It is ahead of the lists of candidate LREM Alain Fontanel who had merged with candidate LR Philippe Vetter and the PS list of Catherine Trautmann.
  • Allied with the PS, during the last two terms, the Greens take the reins of the Alsatian capital for the first time.

Green light for Jeanne Barseghian. The EELV candidate in Strasbourg. Arriving largely in the lead during the first round of municipal elections with nearly 28% of the vote, the 39-year-old candidate confirmed this breakthrough by collecting 42.5% of the votes in the 2nd round according to first estimates. It is ahead of Alain Fontanel's LREM-LR list (34.3%) and the socialist Catherine Trautmann 23.2%. A revolution because it is the first time that the Alsatian capital falls will be directed by the ecologists, them who have been allies of the outgoing mayor Roland Ries during the last two mandates.

This victory resonates all the more strongly since the “poker coup” alliance attempted by the walkers and the Republicans in the second round, represented on paper almost 38% of the votes. While at the same time, the environmental candidate got angry all red with the PS of Catherine Trautmann and decided to go it alone ...

This second passage to the polls therefore confirmed the need for ecology and social justice acclaimed by the voters of Strasbourg. A victory that could prove to be fragile, because it is based on a historically low participation (26.38%). A record never seen before.

"It is not the victory of a party but of ideas"

A clear victory, however, in the first and second round. Jeanne Barseghian, who promises to remain “attentive to those who are not displaced,” said on the set of France 3 Grand Est surprised by her score, however, “similar to that of the first round”. The future mayor recalled the urgency of the “climate, social and democratic justice, closely linked” issues. Without forgetting to affirm “it is not the victory of a party but of ideas, it is the confirmation of a will for change. "

Results of the municipal elections in Strasbourg

If she knows she is expected at the turn, she recalls that "it is a strong inspiration for change" that the city will experience. "I will be the mayor of all Strasbourg residents" wanted to reassure the ecologist. "We are writing a new history of Strasbourg but also in the way of campaigning," reacted the number two on the EELV list Syamak Agha Babaei. “We are ready to take up the challenge to profoundly transform our society. "

"An extraordinary campaign, a worthy campaign"

Arriving third, Catherine Trautmann regretted the low participation rate. "I perceive on the ground a real social depression because too many are the Strasbourg people who have the impression that their situation is not heard," she said in a press release. Low participation which also disappointed Alain Fontanel. “We had taken responsibility, but the momentum did not allow us to go beyond the score in the first round. "There remains" a deep questioning of democratic issues, "wonders the candidate LREM-LR.

Roland Ries, the outgoing mayor who did not represent himself and supported Alain Fontanel, held stressed "an extraordinary campaign, a worthy campaign" but recognizes that the city "enters a new era" before concluding: "Times are changing , there are new perspectives ”.


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