【Explanation】Recently, more than 100 special combatants of the Fujian Armed Police Corps have long-distance maneuvered to a certain sea area in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province to carry out extreme training of "Devil Week". Anti-terrorism combat capability at sea

  [Explanation] The exercise assumes that a group of foreign armed terrorists used the high tide time to land from the sea and attempted to infiltrate into inland cities to carry out terrorist activities. After receiving the information, the special operations unit of the Fujian Armed Police Corps immediately chased the terrorists in three groups. A group of team members used the reef cover to hide behind the terrorists and waited for the opportunity to arrest them. The remaining two team members attacked the terrorists from two directions. A terrorist found a special combatant hidden behind a reef. The two sides engaged in a violent exchange of fire. The terrorist was captured by the special combatant after he had exhausted his food. The other two terrorists used reefs to cover the stubborn resistance, and the special combatants fought back and forth to capture all the terrorists in one fell swoop.

  [Commentary] In addition, in a certain sea area in Zhangzhou, Fujian, special forces members of the Fujian Armed Police Corps participating in the "Devil Week" extreme training exercised extreme heat training at the temperature of nearly 40 degrees. The special forces members will be filled with more than 30 pounds of sand. The ammunition box was lifted over the head, lifted 30 times in two minutes, and then started the basic action training of underwater enemies. After completing the warm-up in the water, the special forces were transferred to the soft beach for training in wrestling techniques. The rest, the 100-meter limit sprint and the relay delivery of ammunition boxes followed one after another, allowing the special forces to fully stimulate the limit of physical fitness in the high-intensity and continuous training courses.

  [Same period] Ren Jian, Deputy Chief of Staff of Zhangzhou Detachment, Fujian Armed Police Corps

  In this maritime training, we have set up 37 training courses that are close to actual combat based on the terrain characteristics of the coastal areas of Fujian, focusing on comprehensively strengthening the physical strength, skills, intelligence and anti-terrorism capabilities of the special combat team members. The ability to perform diverse tasks.

  [Commentary] It is understood that this is the first time that the Armed Police Fujian Corps has carried out the "Devil Week" extreme training under the premise of normalized epidemic prevention and control. It is divided into four areas in the whole province of Fujian, focusing on courses such as maritime counter-terrorism, mountain and woodland hunting, urban counter-terrorism, etc., highlighting the actual combat background, and practicing hard, forging a maritime counter-terrorism elite.

  Wu Shengwei Li Tao Liu Yang Zheng Xiaoqiang Yang Dengfeng Zhangzhou Fujian reported

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