• In the US over 5,000 coronavirus deaths, New York was the hardest hit
  • Usa, 4 thousand dead and 190 thousand cases. New York the hardest hit
  • In the USA over 175 thousand cases and more deaths than in the September 11 attack
  • Use coronavirus, almost 2,000 deaths in New York alone. Cuomo: "The peak in late April"


April 02, 2020

Americans purchased nearly 2 million pistols in March: an alarming record figure, second only to the shopping boom following the Sandy Hook primary school massacre in December 2012, which killed 27 people, 20 of whom were children . In reaction, then President Barack Obama threatened restrictions on the purchase of weapons.

The New York Times accounts for what is a long-standing social problem in the United States. The authoritative American newspaper has analyzed the purchase figures at the federal level. This is the second record month in history, only passed since January 2013, the month after the massacre. The purchase of weapons is due to fears of social unrest.

The FBI has seen a 41% increase in so-called 'background checks', checks on individuals trying to purchase firearms in the country. According to the latest data released by the CNN, 3.7 million checks were carried out in March alone; this is the highest figure, on a monthly basis, since the National Instant Background Check (Nics) was established at the FBI in 1998, the system for determining whether the name and year of birth of potential buyers of weapons from fire or explosives correspond to those of a person who does not meet the legal requirements for making a purchase.

The states where the most background checks were made in March are Illinois, with over half a million checks, followed by Texas, Kentucky, Florida and California. "The increase in sales of weapons and ammunition during this crisis is understandable as fear of the unknown can push purchases beyond their norm," analyst Jonathan Wackrow and former Special Agent of the Secret Service explained to CNN.