Sanna Berg's interest in cultivation has already started since childhood. Now that she and the family bought a house, she went "all-in" with the new garden.

- Just over a year ago, there was only lawn here. I am happy with what I have achieved at that time, but I have a thousand plans and ideas, says Sanna Berg.

This is the first year that Sanna Berg is in "Thousand Gardens". The event allows garden lovers to show or visit plantings, cultivation lots and gardens all over Sweden every two years. Despite the prevailing coronary pandemic, the event continued this year.

- You have to limit so that not too many people visit the garden at a time. I have my brothers who are a gatekeeper who will keep track of the number of people, but we must see if it will be needed or not, says Sanna Berg.

See Sanna's garden in the clip above.

Sanna Berg in Kolbäck. Photo: Christoffer Söderman / SVT