Rock band Rolling Stones objected to the release of one of their songs, "You Can't Always Get What You Want," on Sunday during campaign events by Donald Trump. If the American president does not respect their request, the group intends to initiate legal proceedings against him. 

British rock band Rolling Stones threatens U.S. President Donald Trump to prosecute him if he continues to use one of their songs, You Can't Always Get What You Want at events in his campaign.

The rockers are in touch with the American organization for the protection of musical rights, BMI, which warned that any future use of a Rolling Stones work during the Donald Trump campaign would violate its license agreement with the organization.

"The BMI has informed the Trump campaign team on behalf of the Stones that the unauthorized use of their songs would be a violation of its license agreement," said a press release published by the news site Deadline, based at Hollywood. The Deadline article was retweeted by the legendary rock band's official Twitter account.

BMI warns Donald Trump Campaign to stop playing Rolling Stones songs:

- The Rolling Stones (@RollingStones) June 27, 2020

"If Donald Trump ignores it and persists, he would then be prosecuted for breaking the embargo and playing unauthorized music," it said in this release. 

Other artists who have stepped up to the plate

Several artists have refused the use of their music by Donald Trump. The rock group Queen protested the use of one of the most famous songs in the rock repertoire, We Are the Champions , during a stage appearance by Donald Trump at the Republican convention in 2016.

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The group said on Twitter that their tube was used "against their will". Like Adele, REM or Neil Young, many artists and their heirs have also denounced the use of their works during republican rallies.

An unauthorized use at the Republican Convention against our wishes - Queen

- Queen (@QueenWillRock) July 19, 2016