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by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea June 28, 2020 A 25-year-old from Molise ended up in hospital with his left jaw fractured after being attacked and beaten by a group of seven boys, including a girl, with a marked local accent.

The incident occurred on the night between Thursday 25 June and Friday 26 June, on the Lungomare, in the center of the Adriatic capital.

The victim was with his partner , a 22-year-old local boy, for regional Pride Week . The young man had come to Pescara to see his boyfriend. The couple, around half past midnight, was on the waterfront, near the Nave di Cascella, hand in hand, when he met a group of about seven very young people, including a girl.

From the group the homophobic insults arose, then the brutal aggression started suddenly from the offenses: the 25 year old was hit with punches in the face and ended up bleeding on the ground. 

Some passersby tried to defend the two boyfriends and a scuffle arose. When the alarm was raised, the Carabinieri arrived on the scene, but the attackers had already disappeared. The 25-year-old, who ended up in hospital, underwent surgery. The prognosis is 30 days.

The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Pescara are in charge of the investigation , they are acquiring the videos recorded by the video surveillance cameras. According to the first investigations, the place where the scuffle took place would not be covered by the cameras, which, however, are present in the area where the insults started. Work is therefore being done to identify those responsible, who may even be minors. "They certainly don't lose them, they pity me," said the 25-year-old about his attackers.

Mayor of Pescara in hospital from the attacked boy to whom he brought apologies and closeness to the city 
The mayor of Pescara Carlo Masci went to the hospital in the morning to visit the injured young man: " Pescara condemns this aggression with absolute firmness . This morning I went to the hospital to find the boy injured to bring the closeness and excuses of the whole city ". "An act of pure delinquency - underlines the mayor - aggressions that must never happen in a free and open city like Pescara that even in the face of brutal aggression has shown to react by intervening to the rescue of the boy left on the ground. I hope that thanks at the work of the police force we get to identify the attackers as soon as possible ".