In a nightclub (illustration) - CARO FOTOS / SIPA

The canton of Zurich, in Switzerland, holds its first “Superspreader” of covid-19, a super-propagator of the virus, which for unknown reasons are very contagious. The problem is that the case of this man was reported to the cantonal doctor four days after having attended a night club, the Flamingo Club, in Zurich, on June 21. Five club visitors were infected that night.

300 people, visitors and club employees, to confine

The Zurich Department of Health then explains, in a press release, with the owner of the nightclub. Thanks to the presence list that the latter was able to establish, the cantonal tracing team was able to inform, this Saturday, June 27, the customers present on June 21 on the quarantine they must observe. Nearly 300 people, visitors and club employees, must submit to it for a period of ten days.

The Zurich authorities hope that everyone will cooperate and show solidarity, reports Keystone-ATS, the Swiss press agency. And recall in passing how this episode shows that "it is important to respect the measures of hygiene and social distance as well as to show responsibility". Especially in the evening. If other cases of super-transmitters arise, the canton of Zurich could close the clubs, authorities said.


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