Michèle Rubirola, the candidate for Printemps Marseille. - Adrien Max / 20 Minutes

  • The Marseille Spring candidate Michèle Rubirola wins the second round of the municipal elections in Marseille with
  • Le Printemps marseillais wins four sectors but does not obtain an absolute majority.
  • Martine Vassal of the Republicans won three sectors
  • Stéphane Ravier, the National Rally candidate loses his sector from 13-14.

The surprise of the first round confirms the second. And how. Michèle Rubirola, the candidate for Printemps Marseille, a group of left parties and citizens, won the second round of municipal elections in Marseille on Sunday, in front of Martine Vassal, the Republicans. Turnout nevertheless remained low with 35.25%, against 32.76% in the first round.

Large advance for Michèle Rubirola

What a surprise ! Michèle Rubirola has largely won the second round of municipal elections in Marseille with around 40% of the votes cast, ahead of Martine Vassal, 30% in the latest estimates. "I am delighted to be with you, this evening the rebellious and fraternal city of Marseille has embarked on the path of change", she congratulated herself late at night. Its teams waited a long time for the last results before speaking out. And despite this victory, the absolute majority has not been achieved. "There is no clear verdict, probably the last signs of resistance from a system rejected by the Marseillais. The victory was difficult, but it is even more beautiful. Even if the majority is relative in number of seats, which is a democratic misinterpretation, it is not a relative victory for us. It is a defeat for the right, it is no longer able to govern this city, "she said.

Who said it was impossible? Beating the right and its head of the list over its sector is the victory of hope over the system. It is the victory of those who are ready to roll up their sleeves against those who thought that everything was due to them. We are here !

- Olivia Fortin ☀️ (@olivia_fortin) June 28, 2020

Michèle Rubirola is widely established in her sector, 4-5, with 56.99% of the vote, against 28.89% for Bruno Gilles (DvD). Olivia Fortin even managed to win her 6-8 sector against Martine Vassal, with 41.78% against 39.16% in this bastion of the right where Jean-Claude Gaudin was elected in the first round since 1995. Benoit Payan wins the 2 -3 with 46.2%, ahead of the Republicans, 20.95%, and Sophie Camard on 1-7

Three sectors for Martine Vassal

Despite a second place and a defeat at the level of the city quite clear, Martine Vassal nevertheless manages to win three sectors. And a priori on 11-12, the sector of Julien Ravier and Valérie Boyer, in the spotlight after suspicions of fraud with the proxies. The final results were not yet known at the end of the evening, but the trend was favorable for the candidate on the right. Lionel Royer Perreaut, won, him, the 9-10, fairly widely with 43.52% against 35.19% for the Marseille Spring. Without forgetting 13-14, the sector offering the most municipal councilors, where David Galtier beats Stéphane Ravier. "Tonight, I have not lost, tonight there is no majority in Marseille," said Martine Vassal at the end of the evening.

"Nothing is done," says Gaudin

“This second ballot confirmed the clear push to the left. But it did not allow for a real majority to clearly designate my successor at the head of our city, ”reacted Jean-Claude Gaudin, emblematic mayor of Marseille. According to him, "nothing is yet decided for the appointment of the future mayor by the City Council at the end of next week. Much will depend on the choice made by the eleven elected members of the minority lists ”.

Stéphane Ravier loses his town hall

A bitter defeat for Stéphane Ravier, candidate of the National Rally in his sector of 13-14. He lost to Martine Vassal's candidate, David Galtier, by a hair, with 50.98% against 49.02%. “The Republicans, the PS, LFI and the Greens make 52%. We need not be ashamed of this result. They won thanks to foul-smelling methods of cheating, ”denounced Stéphane Ravier.

Results of the municipal elections in Marseille 

Some incidents

Several incidents were reported throughout polling day. The campaign director of Stéphane Ravier, candidate for the National Rally, Antoine Baudino says that a suspicious minibus was circulating in the 13-14 sector. "It is not a priori illegal, but when they get off, the driver or an attendant offers passengers ballots for Martine Vassal," says Antoine Baudino. The testimony of one of the occupants was recorded in a report. Le Printemps marseillais denounces the presence of around fifteen activists from Samia Ghali (DvG) who intimidated the voters of the polling station in La Bricarde. Solicited by  20 Minutes , the prefecture of police was unable to confirm these possible incidents. A spokesperson only indicates that a man was fined 68 euros for having torn down posters in the 6th arrondissement.


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