Christian Jacob - Olivier Coret / SIPA

The chairman of the Les Républicains party, Christian Jacob, was delighted that his party had "returned to victory" during the municipal elections, this Sunday evening after the second round. He claimed victory for his party in "more than half of the cities with more than 9,000 inhabitants", after the "failures in the presidential and legislative elections". "This is a good omen for the senatorial, but also departmental and regional elections to come," he said on the set of France 2.

The results of the municipal elections

About Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, re-elected mayor of Le Havre, Christian Jacob tancid: "He betrayed his political family, he led an economic policy in the continuity of François Hollande which leads us to failure".

"I do not recognize in Edouard Philippe a Jacques Chirac", again tackled Christian Jacob, questioned on the possibility that Edouard Philippe left Matignon by himself after the elections, a resignation as Prime Minister that only Jacques Chirac had dared under the Fifth Republic (in 1976).


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