Updated Friday, June 26, 2020 - 22:52

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  • Cabbie. 15 years in prison for blind taxi driver after arguing about the amount of the race
  • Victims. The taxi driver whose eyes were stolen and gouged: "I am a living dead"

Carolina Peñaranda has had a monthly bonus at the hairdresser for years because the blindness imposed by a negligent myopia operation prevents her from getting ready. In 2003, on the verge of turning 24, she entered the operating room to correct the visual defect that made her job as a dental hygienist difficult and left blind.

Seventeen years after that apparently routine intervention, and after a long battle in the courts, the Visionlab clinic will have to compensate her with 1,100,000 euros. This bulky amount, she says, does not compensate her, but it helps her to consider her future and that of her three children from another perspective.

"What happened to me did not

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