To the curses of the Kennedy, the Onassis or the Grimaldi, now we should add that of the Power. Taryn Power , the young daughter of classic Hollywood actors Tyrone Power and Linda Christian, has died of leukemia at age 66. Her father died of a heart attack in Madrid at age 44 while filming with Gina Lollobrigida Salomon and the Queen of Saba, and her niece Ylenia Carrisi disappeared in 1994 at age 23. She was officially declared dead two decades later.

Her sister Romina has been the one who has announced the sad news through her official Instagram account with a beautiful video, several photos and the following text: My sister, Taryn joined our parents at 9.53 in the morning yesterday in her Wisconsin home surrounded by her four children and four grandchildren after fighting a tough, 1.5 year battle with leukemia. She will leave a huge void as she was a creature of light, an exceptional mother, a loving grandmother and a unique sister due to her humor, generosity, and love for animals, nature, and the less fortunate. The best sister I could have in this life! "

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The mother of four children from three marriages and the grandmother of four grandchildren, Taryn died on her Wisconsin ranch in the United States with her loved ones. He always grew up under the shadow of his famous parents and the immense success that his sister reaped internationally with Al Bano.

As much as she put courage, the former actress only played eight films, the best known being The Count of Monte Cristo (1975) with Tony Curtis or Richard Chamberlain, with whom it was rumored that he had an affair despite being gay, and Sinbad and the tiger's eye (1977) with Jane Seymour.

Taryn's last television appearance in Spain was nine years ago on the Telecinco program La Noria, presented by Jordi González, to talk about his niece. During its broadcast, tremendously emotional moments were experienced with the cries of Lydia Lozano, who had fueled the rumors about the survival of Ylenia, and Taryn herself, who did not hesitate to hug the tertullian. Catholic forgiveness has always raised audiences. Something that Al Bano never agreed to.

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