• Rome, mafia in Ostia. 10 years to the alleged boss Carmine Fasciani, also sentenced wife and daughter
  • Cassation: the Fasciani clan is the mafia of Ostia


June 27, 2020 The financiers of the Provincial Command have confiscated, ordered by the Court of Appeal of Rome, 6 companies attributable to the Fasciani clan of Ostia, for a total value of approximately 3 million euros.

Sunset Operation
The provision, which became final as a result of decisions of the Court of Cassation, represents the conclusion of the "Sunset" operation, coordinated by the Rome Anti-Mafia District Directorate and conducted by the financiers of the GICO of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Capital and the The Group of Ostia.

The sentences of 2014
In March 2014 the yellow flames arrested 16 people, including the boss Carmine Fasciani, for fictitious registration of assets, aggravated by the mafia method, and seized various companies. At the time, Fasciani was sentenced to 8 years and 6 months in prison.

The investigations ascertained how the clan had crept in and rooted itself in the legal economy through nominees in catering companies, the management of bathing establishments and discos. A system designed to preserve illegal assets accumulated through drug dealing, extortion, usury.

The assets are now
owned by the State. In 2013, with the "Nuova Alba" transaction, precautionary measures had been issued on some companies in the "Faber Village" bathing establishment, also in Ostia. To get around them, Carmine Fasciani had set up a series of small businesses, headed by "wooden heads", who had managed the structure and the various commercial activities inside.

The 6 companies established at the time have now been acquired by the state. The plant, which is now called "Village", is open under the supervision of judicial administrators.